The Belarusian Minister said that the public need to be protected from information injurious to the state

The new Minister of information of Belarus Igor Lutsky said that the strategy of his Department will be to correct the media. He said this in an interview to STV on June 7.

“The strategy of the Ministry of information, in my opinion, would be to adjust the actions of the media, to ensure, first, bringing a clear state policy, and to protect the population from information, which harm the state,” – said Lutsky.

He expressed the opinion that during the election campaign in the country appeared on the Internet a lot of information, which is not harmless and “very serious impact on what is happening in the country and how the country would develop”.

“It is important though to separate the wheat from the chaff and to give people clear, clear, clear and truthful information about what is happening. Hammer head is very simple, digital noise seriously affects the minds. The task before all state media – to destroy the digital noise and to convey accurate information,” – said the Minister.

Lutsky was appointed to the post of Minister of information of Belarus on 4 June, after President Alexander Lukashenko has sent in resignation of the government. Previously, he held the position of first Deputy Minister of information and was head of one of the channels.

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