The BCG vaccine reduces deaths from the coronavirus – a study

A group of American scientists came to the conclusion that the BCG vaccine reduces the risk of complications and death from coronavirus infection. The results of the study, covering the period of the pandemic to April 22, published in the journal PNAS (the journal of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States).

Scientists have noted that assumptions about the development of innate immunity during BCG vaccination has been suggested earlier. On the basis of statistical data (considered the vaccination coverage, status of vaccination programmes (conducted in the past or is held to this day), the number of citizens over 65 years of age, the number of urban population, the death rate from COVID-19) the researchers came to the conclusion that “between BCG vaccination and mortality from COVID-19 traced constant communication”.

“For example, countries with a more strict policy of BCG vaccination had a much lower mortality rate from COVID-19 per 1 million inhabitants. In countries with the current BCG vaccination programme, the mortality rate was lower than in countries where BCG vaccination was not performed or was interrupted,” the study says.

According to scientists, the increase in vaccination coverage of BCG by 10% reduces mortality from COVID-19 10.4%.

As examples, the difference in mortality rates in Eastern and Western Germany, and Western and Eastern Europe.

Thus, until the unification of Germany in East Germany carried out mass BCG vaccination in Germany – no. During the epidemic of coronavirus in the Eastern regions of Germany, the average mortality rate was almost three times lower than in the West. A similar pattern can be seen when comparing countries in Western and Eastern Europe: in Western countries the death was 9.92 times higher than in the East, where most continue to operate the BCG vaccination programme. For example, in the most affected countries in Europe (France, Germany, UK) vaccination programme worked in the XX century, but was later discontinued.

However, in the abstract to the study said that these results should be treated with caution, and protective properties of BCG vaccine with coronavirus infection you need to confirm clinically.

A study with similar conclusions was published in April of this year.

The BCG vaccine was invented about 100 years ago, it provides immunity to TB, while reinforcing the inherent mechanisms of the immune system.

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