The arsonist police cars from USA found for “digital trail”

Running in the USA, the protests have increasingly taken the form of riots, while protesters believe that a medical mask will hide their faces and avoid retaliation. The remarkable story of Laura Elizabeth Blumenthal, who became the heroine of news, when in fact the live TV Philadelphia recklessly burned two police cars. Despite the many high-quality images and several videos, due to the presence of the masks the woman at once to identify failed, and then the FBI took over her digital footprint.

The first clue was the shirt with the inscription “Keep the immigrants, deport the racists” (Support for migrants, run racists). This is a rare product, on the fan, so the FBI through the service quickly found Etsy, who recently bought this shirt – one with the nickname “alleycatlore”, just from Philadelphia, has left a laudatory review about this product. Search by nick led to an online store Poshmark, where it added the name “Laura Elizabeth”. Further, LinkedIn has been the profile of a woman with the same name in the region of Philadelphia, whose place of work was specified in a massage parlor.

Next clue was a tattoo depicting the peace sign on his right forearm of a woman. A similar pattern, but old, no extra characters were in the frame in a publicity photo for the Philadelphia massage salon four years ago. On the website of the salon was given a phone number and the name of the therapist, through which the FBI found out the name and address: Blumenthal, street West-Duval in Philadelphia. Based on these data, the Department of transportation provided a copy of a driver’s license, where was the photo of a suspect.

Photo of a burnt police car

With the information the FBI once again turned to Etsy and they confirmed that customer data such bought two t-shirts with the required inscriptions, one of them of the same color on the video. Shipping address – Philadelphia, city of Duvall, in the name of Blumenthal. Everything came together, plus on the hands of the FBI has evidence and proof. Laura Elizabeth Blumenthal charged with malicious destruction of Federal property. If the court is strict, she can get a fine of $500,000 and as much as 80 years in prison.

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