The app Voicemod will allow you to have the voice of Darth Vader

Voicemode software for PC gained popularity among the participants of virtual discussions and conferences, making them more interesting. Now access received and smartphone owners. As reported by the Verge, the developers Voicemod has launched a new free app for iPhone and in the near future it is expected a version for Android.

Service Voicemod is very simple and accessible. Daily app offers up 12 new voice filters that can be used to record unique audio messages to friends or clips on social networks. So, for example, by the application, it is possible to have the voice of a zombie or Darth Vader. Another option is the voices from inside the cave or Cathedral.

Voicemod users can record clips with a duration of one minute. The files are saved in the video format that gives you the opportunity to share them with your friends outside of the app. Free version free from advertising, but to unlock all 60 of the available filters may be paid in the future.

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