The air force has corrected an article about Putin’s daughter. Removed information about the funding and location of the project

The Russian service of the BBC has made changes to the article “Rosneft” became a partner in a large Russian genetic project”, which was published on April 29. In her oil company nwas asyali the main investor of the center for genetic research that is created in Moscow with the participation of the daughter of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The material has been updated on 8 June.

According to the information deleted from the article, was that Rosneft needs to invest up to $1 billion over seven years.

“In an earlier version of this material was reported that Igor Sechin and Maria Vorontsova will be included in the Supervisory Board of the organization “Development of genetic technologies” and describes in detail the financing and project location. Based on subsequent clarification on the part of “Rosneft” this information has been removed from the article. The inclusion of this information did not meet the standards necessary for publication”, – is noted in the comments under the edited material.

Corporation Rosneft announced on its website on April 29 that it will sue a broadcaster the BBC over the article on creation in Russia of the center for genetic technologies, in which the user must enter Maria Vorontsova, which the media called the eldest daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Vorontsova (also known as Maria Faassen) 35. The magazine The New Times in 2016, wrote that she was in 2011 he graduated from the faculty of fundamental medicine of Moscow state University. After the birth of her daughter defended her thesis on endocrinology topics.

In July 2019, the air force reported that Vorontsov was engaged in business in 2019 it is one of the founders of the joint-stock company “Nomeco”, which has invested about $1,500, which at the time of registration consistent with the proportion of 20%.

Putin has never publicly acknowledged Vorontsov and her alleged younger sister Katerina Tikhonov their daughters.

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