The administration trump asks the court to prohibit the publication of books of his former adviser Bolton because it “is replete with classified information”

On 16 June, the administration of U.S. President Donald trump has filed a lawsuit against his former national security adviser John Bolton, told the TV channel CNN.

The lawsuit was filed in Federal court in the district of Columbia.

The administration requests to ban Bolton to publish a 500-page memoir about his work in the White house because they are “replete with classified information”.

The publication of the book is violating a non-disclosure agreement and is a threat to national security, said in the lawsuit. It also notes that when taking “one of the most sensitive and important positions,” Bolton entered into an agreement with the US, and now wants to abandon it, “unilaterally deciding that the verification process of his book prior to publication completed.”

Book The Room Where It Happened (“the Room where it happened”) should go on sale June 23. The publisher of the memoir – Simon & Schuster – announced on 10 June that before the release of the book of Bolton for several months together with the Council of national security of the United States has made to the book of changes. CNN, citing a source said that the book is already printed and shipped to warehouses. Bolton, according to insiders, has no plans to abandon its release on June 23.

Bolton’s lawyer Chuck Cooper said that they consider the complaint of the government and will respond to it “in due time”.

The administration of President since January, is trying to block the book’s release. According to sources, The Washington Post, trump is opposed to the publication of the memoirs of Bolton before the presidential elections to be held in November, but not against them to come out when he leaves the White house.

June 15, trump said that his former Advisor will be a “very serious crime problem”, if he will publish the book. “He knows that he has received secret information. Any conversation with me classified”, – quotes trump, the press service of the White house.

CNN noted that the approval of the trump, if any conversation with the President is classified, erroneously, to the same authority has filed against Bolton civil action, which does not imply criminal responsibility.

American Newspapers published some excerpts from a draft of the book of Bolton. In particular, according to The New York Times, the former adviser said in a book that trump was going to hold up military aid to Ukraine, while the Ukrainian authorities did not launch an investigation against hunter Biden, son of the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden and the likely opponent of trump’s election. Trump said in response that didn’t tell Bolton about the delay in military assistance in exchange for the investigation.

Bolton became an adviser to the US President on national security in April 2018. In September 2019 trump announced that he no longer needs the services of Bolton, as “strongly disagree with many of his proposals,” and asked him to resign. Bolton claims that he asked for resignation.

According to trump, the reason for the resignation was admitted Bolton “very big mistakes” and inability to find a common language with colleagues in the administration.

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