“The absolute ban.” Rodchenkov in the mask and the scarf was of the opinion the admission of Russia to the Olympics in Tokyo

Living in the U.S. the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov says that the situation with doping in Russian sport has not improved and that all, without exception, athletes from Russia must be removed from the next Olympic games in Tokyo. He declared it in interview of the British broadcasting Corporation BBC, which gave in Zoom on July 27.

According to Rodchenkova, “nabsolute necessity, an absolute prohibition with no exceptions and individual tolerances”. The latest scandal with the substitution data on the urine samples to the laboratory in Moscow says that the Russian government does not learn, said emigrated whistleblower.

He fears that the court of arbitration in Lausanne will be on the side of Russia, which has filed an appeal against the dismissal of athletes from international competitions.

Rodchenkov was interviewed in a darkened room, on her head was a wide-brimmed hat, face – scarf. At the same time he says that he became unrecognizable, his behavior and even gestures have changed.

In may 2016 Rodchenkov fled from Russia to the United States where admitted to the falsified results of the teststhat have been taken from Russian athletes during the Olympic winter games in Sochi 2014.

Because of doping scandal Russia was suspended from a number of international competitions, including the Olympic and Paralympic games.

In 2018, the Russian side has provided access to WADA the doping tests, it is sealed in a Moscow laboratory. 20 Sep 2018 the Executive Committee of WADA voted to restore the powers of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA), which opened to athletes from Russia the road to international sorevnovaniya. 13 March 2019 WADA has removed the disqualification from RUSADA provided that international experts have access to the system laboratory information management Moscow lab.

In April, WADA said that his experts received 2262 doping control Russian athletes, kept in the Moscow laboratory.

2 July 2019, the press service of the WADA was informed that the Agency suspects 298 Russian athletes anti-doping rule violation.

In September, the media reported that the Russians, before transmitting the data to WADA, forged them, trying to hide systematic doping Russian athletes.

On 9 December, the Executive Committee of the world anti-doping Agency for anti-doping rule violations for a four-year suspended Russia from international competitions, including the Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo. Russian anti-doping Agency, the same day deprived of the status of compliance with the world anti-doping code for manipulating data about urine samples, the work of the Moscow laboratory were again stopped.

27 Dec RUSADA informed WADA about their disagreement with the suspension of Russia from international competition and appealed to the CAS.

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