Technology Lamphone will allow you to eavesdrop on a conversation using normal bulbs

Researchers from the University of Ben-Gurion (Israel) developed a method for the recovery of a conversation by observing the usual friendly technology called “Lamphone”. As it turned out, when hit by sound waves on the surface of the bulb creates vibrations, causing microscopic fluctuations of light.

Hanging from the ceiling light simultaneously acts as a diaphragm, on a surface which is covered by a cascade of sound waves, and as a Converter that transformerait pressure sound vibrations in the subtle changes of light. Thus, the intelligence agencies had at their disposal another means for wiretapping.

According to researchers, all that is needed for “Lamphone” is a laptop, telescope, microphone, and a remote electro-optical sensor that converts light into an electrical signal.

To test their device, the researchers organized the ground on the pedestrian bridge 25 metres from the office on the third floor in a commercial building. Their goal was a simple 12-watt led light bulb, watching where they were able to recover speech and music sounding inside the office.

For this purpose they used three telescopes with different diameters of the lenses 10, 20 and 35 centimeters and was established electro-optical sensor on each lens of the telescope for each session. Using analog-to-digital Converter, the researchers received information about a vibration in the bulb, and then treated it with a special algorithm. As a result, they got a voice recording of trump, which is able to recognize Speech-To-Text API from Google and write “Let It Be” Beatles, that was able to recognize Shazam.

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