“The robot tank” X6 professional will wash any window

Washing Windows is not a pleasant thing, and not the safest when it comes to large Windows on the upper floors. A regular call to the professional cleaner, not everyone will afford. X6 – a new robot for cleaning Windows, which will be a good helper in everyday life. The robot is held firmly on […]

New mod for GTA V will allow you to ride around Los Santos on a real bike

One of the consequences of a pandemic quarantine was an increased demand for home exercise equipment and in particular, “smart bicycles”. The latter can be connected to platforms like Zwift and Sufferfest to make voyages on virtual routes, real spinning the pedals at home in front of TV screen. And now fans of such recreation […]

Smart helmet Lumos received the updated version of Ultra

Bicycle helmet Lumos was one of the first “smart” helmet for cyclists. And recently the developers have submitted an updated version – Lumos Ultra. The helmet is equipped with an integrated headlight, taillight and led turn signals that are activated wirelessly using the remote control installed on the steering wheel. New features include larger vents […]

Modified missiles “Tomahawk” began to fly on corn

In one of the leading defense research centers in the USA, Los Alamos National laboratory (LALN), developed to replace traditional fuels for cruise missiles “Tomahawk”. It is based on corn bran. “Tomahawk” – the most numerous type of cruise missiles in the us military Arsenal, they are used since 1970-ies. Suffice it to say that […]

OYO Nova Gym training astronauts for the inhabitants of the Earth

On Kickstarter there is a new portable system for physical workouts OYO Nova Gym – and immediately collected $ 2 million in donations, despite the fact that the price of a gadget is $150. The system designer Paul Francis – no stranger to questions of creation of the fitness devices. His previous project, OYO Personal […]

Bees learned to speed up the ripening of flowers using incentives bites

After hibernation the bees Wake up very hungry, but due to the vagaries of weather on plants to make flowers with nectar. In such conditions instead of starving yourself and risking to die, these smart insects have resorted to physical stimulation of flowering plants. Researchers from the ETH in Zurich (Switzerland) studied the process and […]

Portable fuel cell HydraCell generates energy from salt water

Small portable power generator HydraCell Power Cube is able to provide power supply “snap”. All you need to do is to pour in the body slightly salty water. The generator includes several fixed charging plate in the presence of an electrolyte (salt water) is able to produce electricity. The device can not boast a lot […]

Death mask of Henry VII helped to recover his true identity

In the framework of the project “My Colorful Past” restorer Matt Lori conducted a detailed reconstruction of the image of the British king Henry VII. He took the dummy, which is kept in Westminster Abbey, and according to legend was made on the basis of the death mask of the monarch. It is unusual for […]

NASA is looking for volunteers willing to spend 8 months in a locked laboratory

Stay in isolation during a pandemic COVID-19 hard was to most people, but there were those who spent time with benefit and pleasure. For those who want to consolidate this experience and in addition capitalize on it, and enjoy the best of scientific thought, NASA offers a number of unusual jobs. Job seekers are invited […]

The Chinese news Agency Xinhua “put into the position of” the virtual presenter

Chinese news Agency Xinhua was used to do the news, multiple virtual presenters. Avatar under the name Blue Saova was jointly developed by Xinhua news Agency and search engine Sogou. 3D character modeled after a real reporter Zhao Wanwei. Its digital analogue may mimic the human voice, facial expressions, lip movements and manners using only […]

Coffee machine CoffeeJack preparing perfect coffee without filters or electricity

CoffeeJack is a new eco-friendly and compact coffee machine that without electricity, capsules or filters using microhydraulic with pressure over 9 bar. The team shared that they wanted to create an espresso machine, easy and simple to use but capable of providing coffee quality at the prestigious institutions. The second goal is to avoid disposable […]

Instead of boring conferences in Zoom people are meeting at Red Dead Redemption 2

Against the background of a pandemic quarantine a huge number of people continue to work from home and use of communication tools video like Zoom. However, the writer and artist Viviane Schwarz and her colleagues decided to bring a bit of spice to this becoming everyday practice and began to hold their meetings inside the […]

New technology SEG draws power from a combination of light and shadow

Scientists from the National University of Singapore has developed a technology SEG, which opens a new direction in the development of photovoltaic panels. Instead seek to capture as much light as possible, this system uses a combination of lighted and darkened areas on the surface. This not just eliminates the dependence on the weather, but […]

Company Flite has updated its “flying surf” Fliteboard

Electrotherpy hydrofoil is a relatively new sporty kayak designed for thrill-seekers. Unlike regular surfboards, they do not need the high waves. His first elektrosert – Fliteboard company Flite released in 2018 and managed to sell more than 1000 units worldwide. The device is driven by a brushless motor capable of speeds up to 45 km/h […]

Funny robot BB-8 from Sphero will soon transform into the terrible police

The Sphero company dedicated to creating toys of robots like BB-8, announced the expansion plans. The company intends to use the AI to redesign their robots into assistants for emergency services, government, military and “those who work in dangerous situations.” And though there are no words that will collect Sphero robots for the police, did […]

Patches of blue-green algae effectively tightening even the most severe wounds

Patches of live blue-green algae accelerate shivlani wounds in mice and may help in the treatment of human chronic wounds (e.g., diabetes). About a quarter of diabetics have chronic wounds due to poor blood circulation and other complications. In severe cases, the affected part of the body have to be amputated. But sometimes such damage […]

Satellites during the Cold war followed by nuclear missiles… and squirrels

Scientists from the USGS are thanked for declassified military topographic images of the territory of the Soviet Union a half-century range. Spy satellites of that time diligently searching for missile silos, which repeatedly photographed the vast areas of terrain with high precision. Now, these data are an invaluable basis for conclusions about the development of […]