A single injection of the nanoparticles to restore the sight of a half-blind rats

Age-related degenerative loss of eyesight until recently was considered a natural and inevitable sign of aging. However, recent studies have shown that this reversible process, degradation of the retina can be slowed down, and already damaged areas – repair or replace. Earlier for these purposes used bulky implants, but now physicians have the opportunity to […]

Engineers have developed a Decathlon tent, which is placed in two seconds

A well-known manufacturer of products for sports and tourism, the French company Decathlon has developed an unusual tent, which is literally seconds, which determined its name is Quechua 2 Seconds Easy. The first “two-second” tent was sold by the company Decathlon in 2005. New double version is a non-separable, consisting of two layers of sustainable […]

Scientists go hunting for ancient giant rodent

Australian scientists plan to organize a series of re-excavation in the country at those places where it was previously discovered fossil remains of merostomes. The goal is to find the most complete specimen of a large species and thereby prove or disprove the existence in the past here these lethal giants. A Australians, there are […]

New experimental feature, Chrome will reduce the consumption of gadgets by 28%

According to many laptop users, for all their unconditional advantages of the Chrome browser is incredibly hungry in terms of energy consumption – mainly due to the many unnecessary JavaScript trackers and timers in background tabs. To the credit of Google, they finally responded to this issue: the next version – Chrome 86 – a […]

In Mexico found the ancient flooded mine age more than 12,000 years

An international team of archaeologists explored the underwater caves on the coast of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Several thousand years ago the sea level here was much lower in the cave was accessible from the land, what did the ancient miners of minerals. Archaeologists have found numerous traces of their activities […]

A new window water glass will warm the house in winter and cool in summer

Lecturer of architecture, University of Loughborough (UK) Mathias gutai group has developed a new type, whose glass is filled with water. Normal Windows have a typical “seasonal” problems – in the winter they do not keep warm, and in summer warms in the sun, passing into the room unnecessary heat. Internal glazing Windows, developed by […]

In Norway will soon have a unique factory-camping the Plus

Architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) is famous for his ability to design buildings with a dual purpose. On their account already has a bridge-Museum Twist, powerhouse ski resort CopenHill – and now it’s going to add a furniture factory-camping the Plus. The project was commissioned by the furniture manufacturer Vestre and will be located […]

Fly over the picturesque crater of Mars

The European space Agency (ESA) posted a video of the Mars Express, which allows you to “fly” over one of the most beautiful craters of Mars – a Crater Queen. These videos are usually composed from many photos taken at the Nadir (straight down), on this entry was used topographic data from stereo cameras. They […]

Festo has introduced a new generation of its unique bionic robot

German company Festo has shown two new models unique robots, in the best traditions of the brand are already ready to use in production. Robotic birds BionicSwifts, built by the Bionic Learning Network, a new economical wing and ability to fly “blind”. Gadget BionicMobileAssistant developed with support from ETH Zurich and has no analogues. It […]

Kenya is struggling with the desert locust using the app

At the end of last year due to extremely wet weather in East Africa has a huge number of desert locust. A swarm of insects can overcome in day to 150 km, and Kenya calculated that the peak danger to their territory will be in the middle of July. The exterminators are few days while […]

In the U.S. Navy is the ship, built in the Soviet Union

As reported by Forbes, part of the sealift command U.S. Navy (MSC) is a ship with an unusual destiny – USNS Lance Cpl. Roy M. Wheat, intended for the carriage of cargo for the marine corps. The fact that three decades ago, he wore an entirely different name – “Vladimir Buslaev” and belonged to the […]

Engineers recreated the design of the bike, designed 100 years ago

Almost 100 years ago, French designer Georges Roy has thoroughly redefined the concept of the classic two-wheeled motorcycle, in which the light appeared Majestic. It was a brand new car with a low chassis, where the body performs the function of a cosmetic covering for engine, transmission, front and rear wheels. The unusual configuration of […]

The creators of explosive coal has created an ideal tool for sabotage

In 1940 the Wehrmacht had taken control of most of Europe and the inhabitants of the island of great Britain was desperately looking for a way to delay the inevitable violence and over them. With this goal, the British actively supplied arms to the numerous rebel groups across the continent. For them we developed a […]

Laughing gas successfully helps to struggle with depression, alcoholism and PTSD

Scientists from the Medical school at Washington University in St. Louis (USA) published data from a study of the use of nitrous oxide for the treatment and prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Work in this direction started in 2014 and progress is inconsistent. Scientists were able to prove the possibility of the use of […]

New jigsaw puzzles LEGO offers you to assemble a portrait of Darth Vader

Recently, the LEGO company announced the launch of a new line of designers that aren’t intended for shelves, and wall. Sets called Lego Art is posters in the style of the 2D pop art, with that look of Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles, Iron Man, Darth Vader and other famous personalities. Development stated as “for adults […]

“Uranium candy” – food safe nuclear reactors of tomorrow

The American company X-energy has developed a new type of nuclear fuel with built-in protection from one of the most dangerous phenomena during NPP operation – meltdown of a nuclear reactor. Officially, the new product is called TRISO-X FUEL, but the developers called them “balls uranium” or “uranium candy” because of the characteristic shape. Most […]

Cinera Edge IMAX theatre inside a simple headset

Cinera Edge startup has developed a “wearable cinema” – headset-glasses to watch movies in high quality. The gadget boasts a resolution of up to 5K and Dolby Surround. Cinera inside Edge is equipped with two OLED display for 21 mm each. They have a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which brings the picture to […]