Scientists have found bees gene “immaculate conception”

Scientists from the University of Sydney (Australia) completed a 30-year search for a single gene, which gives the bees of the species Apis mellifera capensis unique ability to reproduce without a Queen in the hive. This species of bee from South Africa, also known as “Kamskie bees” does not produce Queens and drones – instead, […]

The monument of the fatal battle, which played out 200 million years ago

In the 19th century in Dorset, England, was found a fossil fragment, which at the time put scientists in a deadlock. However, a recent re-analysis was able to finally solve his mystery. This fragment contains the remains of two extinct creatures: Clarkeiteuthis montefiorei – camaroptera ancient mollusk, and Dorsetichthys bechei – fish, like a modern […]

Robo-cook Flippy from Miso Robotics aims to revolutionize the restaurant business

The format of the fast-food restaurant (Quick Service Restaurant – QSR) has long been the basis and mainstay of American cuisine. And he still enjoys great popularity worldwide, despite the fact that now these institutions have to work “on the brink of survival” and to deal with rising costs. To fundamentally rethink and optimize the […]

In 2021 into space will go the Rovers for the first race of the lunar surface

Thanks to the partnership group STEM-Moon Mark and space company Intuitive Machines, NASA signed a contract for delivery of a payload on the moon in 2021 (including two of the Rover), there can be the first in the history of the lunar race. Currently, the Moon Mark is collecting applications from teams of up to […]

Soldiers of the U.S. Army during a pandemic trained in War Thunder

Tankers 1 Cavalry division of the U.S. Army, stationed in Fort hood, Texas, playing multiplayer online games to hone fighting skills and keep fit. Their choice is War Thunder. In the game they use a full tank units tactics and real combat procedures. Soldiers, like all ordinary people, is not immune to COVID-19 (in the […]

Tourist submersible Triton DeepView will take you on a walk on the seabed

Triton Submarines – a big name in the industry of machines for deep underwater research. Recently, the company unveiled a futuristic submarine designed to explore underwater walks – DeepView 24. The vessel can accommodate 24 passengers and two pilots to descend to a depth of 100 meters. For interior comfort air conditioning. The enormous thickness […]

Japan has developed a Protocol for contact UFO

After the formal publication of the Pentagon video of UFO, which in the past has faced the American pilots, the Ministry of defense of Japan puzzled by the development of a Protocol for responding to such incidents. As he said himself the defense Minister Taro Kono, he personally does not believe in UFOs. But, as […]

Device “artificial leaf” can easily turn water into hydrogen fuel

Researchers at rice University (USA) has created a simple device that with the help of sunlight can split water into its constituent parts and to produce hydrogen to then use as fuel. The system is very reminiscent of the “artificial leaf”, it is quite self-sufficient and relatively cheap to manufacture. “Artificial leaf” consists of a […]

The next movie with Tom cruise will be filmed aboard the ISS

NASA has confirmed the rumor that really works with actor Tom cruise on the film, which will be filmed in space aboard the International space station. The shooting of the film now are in the early preparatory phase. Previously, NASA has already reported that he would like to open ISS for business. And offer it […]

The designers have transformed the Tesla Cybertruck to a futuristic armored car

Designer Ian Peisert has developed the concept of turning a sensational Cybertruck from Tesla in an armored military vehicle – the Ultimate Tactical Combat Cybertruck. It looks like ready to fight a futuristic armored car. While Tesla suggest several options for use of the new electric vehicle, the Mask spoke in favor of the version […]

Necklace with a hidden ECG sensor quickly and easily check heart rate

Abnormal heart beat, also called atrial fibrillation, considered to be one of the main causes of strokes. Often it has no symptoms, so goes unnoticed. New experimental ECG necklace is designed to make the diagnostic process quick and hassle free. Created by a team from the University of Eastern Finland, it is designed for people […]

The Rover Perseverance found the remains of ancient life… in Australia

NASA experts are currently preparing a new Mars Rover Perseverance to his first mission on the red planet. And this is carried out extensive testing in the deserts of Australia. The mission of Perseverance will be launched in July this year, its main goal will be the search for ancient microbial life on Mars. And […]

Australia received the first prototype of a combat drone satellite Loyal Wingman

The Royal Australian air force (RAAF) has received the first of three prototype aircraft unmanned Loyal Wingman, developed by Boeing Australia. This is the first aircraft completely designed and manufactured in Australia for the last half century. In its creation was attended by 35 Australian companies and organizations from four States. Loyal Wingman is the […]

16-core XMG APEX 15 is the most powerful laptop in the world

Laptop Apex 15 of the German company XMG was presented at the CES-2020 in the beginning of the year. The absolute champion among its numerous competitors it became, thanks to its unique power 16-core AMD processor Ryzen 9 3950X that complements SSD 250 GB and Nvidia ® GForce RTX2060. With a clock frequency of 3.5 […]

Small spotted eels from Japan are lacking your attention

Social distancing had a negative impact on the spotted garden eels. Tokyo Sumida aquarium, which is home to a community of 300 eels, worried about their little inhabitants. By nature very shy, acne over the years of stay in the aquarium have adapted to the daily ritual when hundreds of human faces with interest pressed […]