With SOS help Key Tool for $25,000, you can hijack almost any car

Externally there is a small device that cost $ 25,000 is somewhat reminiscent of the Game Boy. However, the similarity with a harmless game console ends. The fact that with it, if you want you can steal almost any modern car. Device SOS Key Tool produced by Bulgarian company SOS Autokeys is able to reproduce […]

The Andean Condor can fly over 160 km never waving his wings

The study, conducted by Professor Emily Shepard from Swansea University (UK) and Dr. Sergio lambertucci from the National University of Comahue (Argentina), it was found that the heaviest bird in the world – the Andean Condor (it can weigh up to 15 kg) – able to fly in hovering flight without flapping wings, more than […]

Spacecraft Solar Orbiter showed many mysterious “fires” in the Sun

15 June 2020 spacecraft Solar Orbiter close to the Sun at a record close distance from 77 million km, which is half way from the earth to the stars. It flies further, the main mission will start only in 2022, but the device has already begun to collect and transmit information. And the first pictures […]

In Cambridge has recreated the “Raevskogo Cyclometer”, which had been hacked Enigma

A graduate of the Cambridge master of engineering science Hal Evans has managed to build a fully functional replica of the Electromechanical cryptological device known as a “cyclometer Raevskogo”. He was the predecessor of the “Bombe”, which Alan Turing during the Second World war managed to break the encryption machine of the Nazis “Enigma”. Other […]

Tiny “camera backpack” will look at the world through the eyes of bugs

Scientists from the University of Washington (USA) have developed a sensor backpack, which can be put on large beetles. This robot backpack carries a tiny movie camera that could shoot and stream video with a frequency of 1-5 frames per second. This allows you to literally see the world through the eyes of beetles. These […]

Issued 109 years ago, the motorcycle Pierce Arrow sold for a record $225 000

July 12, 2020 in the history of the Mecum auction (USA) – the global leader in selling collectible antique cars and motorcycles, there was another significant event. On this day, in record 225 000 dollars was sold released 109 years ago, the motorcycle Pierce Arrow. So the high price is explained very simply – the […]

Apple will pay compensation in the $25 to owners of the iPhone 6 and 7

Apple decided to put an end to the scandal of “Batterygate”, which extends from the end of 2017. In Cupertino guilt was never officially recognized, but decided to voluntarily compensate for damage to the owners of old iPhone models. It allocated the sum of $310-500 million, on the basis that $25 will get anyone who […]

“Smart tattoo” in Google will transform your hand into a touch screen

Google has figured out how to replace the input tools commands to control different gadgets on the human body. We are talking about the technology of “smart tattoo”, which now represent a kind of wearable electronics. The working title of the new “SkinMarks”, in its creation was attended by researchers from Carskogo University (Germany). They […]

Found the unique axe from the bones of a hippopotamus age of 1.4 million years

Archaeology found in Konso formation in southern Ethiopia a unique artifact – a bone axe made by Homo Erectus. Despite the fact that this tool was widely used 1-2 million years ago, all found before the samples were only stone. Until this discovery was known only one axe made from the bones of an elephant […]

Scientists accidentally discovered a bacteria that eats metal

Microbiologists California Institute of technology discovered an unusual bacteria that feed on manganese, the existence of which was predicted over a century ago. The study showed that bacteria use manganese to convert CO2 into biomass. This process is called chemosynthesis. Scientists had been aware of the existence of bacteria and fungi can oxidize manganese or […]

Caution: knock-unlock codes threat for your smartphone

According to researchers from the Technological Institute of new Jersey, the owners of smartphones that use knock code (Knock Code) to unlock, can easily become victims of criminals. Knock-codes allow users to choose templates to press on the lock screen. In 2014, this unlock method popularized by LG. Currently only in the US they use […]

DreamGlass – 4K augmented reality headsets, which don’t need a screen

Company Dreamworld launched through crowdfunding raising funds for the production of the new model headset. She is positioned neither more nor less, as a universal home media platform with support for augmented reality. It is still about simple personal gadget. Headset DreamGlass 4K weighs 185 grams, is suitable for people with glasses and provides the […]

Panasonic is testing unmanned seats for transporting people

Panasonic is testing in Tokyo new robotic transport system. It consists of three electric self-propelled chair with a set program “Follow the leader”. With the improvement of technology robotic systems increasingly permeate our daily lives. But in order for this integration to work, they need to learn to function in chaotic, unpredictable world of humans. […]

New technology OPPO 125 W fully charges your phone in 20 minutes

The Chinese company OPPO Electronics oregano is a leader in developing solutions for fast charging. Its engineers have developed, such as Dash Charge, which is used in phones OnePlus. And the last of her innovations – the system power 125 W OPPO, which today is the most advanced in the industry. The system can fully […]

Host of the show “Mythbusters” Grant of Imahara died at the age of 49 years

Sad news from Hollywood – a favorite of many viewers, the star of the show “Mythbusters” Grant of Imahara died at the age of 49 years. According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, Imahara died suddenly July 13 from a brain aneurysm. The fact was confirmed by his co-host on the program of Kari Byron, […]

25 million years ago the oceans of the planet terrorized by giant dolphins killer

In the history of the development of cetacean added an important, albeit controversial episode. Scientists were able to reach consensus on a fossil skeleton of an ancestor of dolphins, which lived 23 million years ago in oceans in the territory of modern South Carolina. They determined that it refers to a form Ankylorhiza tiedemani – […]

Robot-bricklayer X Hadrian built his first house

Presentation of a robot bricklayer Hadrian X took place in 2015, when its creators robotics Australian company Fastbrick Robotics (FBR) for the first time demonstrated the possibility of its giant hand-manipulator. Today he can now lay the bricks and apply mortar/adhesive with telescopic boom mounted on an excavator or truck in accordance with the loaded […]

New solar battery efficiently stores energy in liquid form

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) have developed a new dual energy system that generates energy and stores it for future needs. To do this, they combined two known technologies – solar panels and liquid battery in a single complex. Also, each of components has been implemented on new materials with improved properties. New […]

Scientists have developed a tiny and very useful “Fitbit for Chicks”

Scientists at the University of California, riverside have developed a compact, resembling a small backpack device, which is dubbed the “Fitbit for Chicks”. With it, farmers will be able to solve a very important problem is to detect mites on the body of chickens. As a rule, ticks prefer to stick to the back of […]