Amazon is actively expanding the network of robotic couriers Scout

This week representatives of the largest online shopping site Amazon announced the expansion of the scope of its Autonomous delivery system. It has already fared well at the beginning of the pandemic, allowing corporations to safely serve customers. And as the second wave COVID-19 not far off, it is necessary to extend the scope of […]

In the Antarctic bottom discovered leaking methane and this is very bad

Disturbing news – on the bottom near Antarctica, scientists have recorded active leakage of methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming much more than carbon dioxide. This conclusion is based on the results of the report of the panel of scientists was published Tuesday in the journal of the London Royal scientific society […]

Japan launches new train, which is not afraid of the earthquake

Japan launches another high-speed train N700S, able to accelerate up to 365 km/h. However, his work rate is slightly lower – a total of 285 km/h. According to the developer, the train also is highly resilient in earthquakes thanks to the onboard Autonomous power source. Train set advanced braking systems and control: it can slow […]

This free app will show when your smartphone is spying on you

Apple introduced in iOS 14 a useful feature which shows a special indicator on your iPhone or iPad every time any app uses their microphone or camera. This lets you know exactly when your gadget captures photos and videos – even if you don’t have to do this. In the Android ecosystem there are many […]

The app Voicemod will allow you to have the voice of Darth Vader

Voicemode software for PC gained popularity among the participants of virtual discussions and conferences, making them more interesting. Now access received and smartphone owners. As reported by the Verge, the developers Voicemod has launched a new free app for iPhone and in the near future it is expected a version for Android. Service Voicemod is […]

The technology of hair regeneration is able to fight age-related hearing loss

Researchers from the Massachusetts (USA) offered an alternative point of view on the development presbycusis – gradual hearing loss with aging of the human body. Previously it was thought that it is a multifactorial process and blame itself is aging, fight which we cannot yet do. However, American scientists a different view – they lay […]

Meet drill the XXI century – with a touchscreen and lasers

Startup from Vancouver (Canada) Inc Robbox. offered his version of a drill of the XXI century – xDrill. Like any conventional drill, it has a Chuck for drills and the switch that changes the direction of rotation. And then it all becomes much more interesting. One of the main pieces of unusual drills – touch […]

The effect of “goose skin” was associated with the work of stem cells

A team of scientists from Harvard have discovered a new mechanism in the functioning of the scalp of human skin. They searched for the reasons for the formation of “goose skin” or the characteristic chills the body, but in the end came to the stem cells. And found that between this reflex action and depth […]

What happens when you throw a small car at giant axe

Team Australian YouTube channel “How Ridiculous” I decided to have a little show and demonstration broke a small car, about the huge axe In the Australian city of Perth is the research Center of gravity, which in the neighboring town of Gingin has its own research object – a tower with a height of 45 […]

KFC will print chicken nuggets on a 3D printer

KFC company announced that it intends to make chicken nuggets using the technology of 3D printing artificial meat. KFS signed an agreement with the Moscow company 3D Bioprinting Solutions with the aim of creating faux chicken nuggets in the laboratory. Developing new bioprinting technology to print meat using a mixture of chicken cells and plant […]

AI redrew historical video of the landing on the moon in high quality

NASA has accumulated a lot of archives that there is no one to put in order because of a lack of funding for the Agency. Therefore, it is forced to entrust this job to individuals, like the Studio DutchSteamMachine, which deals with “modernization” of old footage. One of the last works of the project is […]

Generous subsidies have made the electric car Renault Zoe for Germans free

On the background of the enormous losses of the German automotive industry as a result of the pandemic, the German government decided to support this important industry. As a result, everyone who wants to buy the best available model of the new electric car of Renault – Zoe – will receive the subsidy of 9,000 […]

Hybrid material “Proteus” cannot be cut by any known method

Researchers from Durham University (UK) and Fraunhofer Institute (Germany) have developed a material whose sole mission is to oppose any attempts to cut. This does not mean outrageous strength or even invincibility – on the contrary, named “Proteus”, the new material may well be destroyed. But cutting or drilling with a mechanical device completely useless. […]

GitHub put the files all repositories in the vault doomsday

2 Feb the hosting services Microsoft – GitHub took the snapshot (snapshot of the file system, copy files and directories in a specific point in time – approx. ed. of all the public repositories – directory in which to store the project files of its users. Then all the historical data was placed in […]

Autonomous robot-the Barber trimmed his fearless Creator

Renowned engineer and youtuber Shane Walton, the author of the channel Stuff Made Here, has created a robot Barber. And became its first volunteer client. The reason that prompted WaitOne to develop such a device was the quarantine and concerns COVID-19. For example, in may in the American Springfield two Barber passed the tests Kovid […]

Right now in Africa, a new ocean

Scientists and geologists reported that about 5-10 million years the tectonic plates that form Africa, diverge, causing it to split in two, and a giant crack will fill the ocean. Now in the region of afar in Ethiopia has been slow divergence of the Arabian, Nubian and Somali tectonic plates and the formation of an […]

Europe’s largest 3D printer eyes printed two-storey house

Belgian construction company C Camp with Europe’s largest 3D printer just for one time printed a two-storey house. Pack size of 9.75 x 9.75 m. unlike his many “brothers” as ink for printing it uses special concrete specially designed for layering. 3D technology of construction of houses has a number of advantages over traditional: besides […]

In the depths of the ocean found fish whose skin absorbs 99.5% of light

Nature gave scientists another idea is to create a perfect camouflage. Those already have the inhabitants of the deep spaces – from 16 types of local fish found ability to absorb almost the entire incident light. It turns out that until a man develops a complex and expensive ultracurve materials, like Vantablack, in nature, they […]