Verge, the Finnish company started to sell the bike with the rear wheel betselem

Finnish brand Verge has opened pre-orders for the new conceptual model of electric bike. It was first presented in the form of a design prototype in 2018 called RMK E2, but have since received the designation TS. Together with the previous name disappeared some features, like the dashboard in the form of a tablet. But, […]

Authentic simulator SpaceX will allow you to manually docked to ISS

Company SpaceX introduced an unusual browser game, in which everyone can personally try to dock the spacecraft Crew Dragon to ISS. By default, in reality, this process is always happening automatically – however, the astronauts train a lot, to be able to take control in case of an emergency situation. Now it can try and […]

5 ways to make an effective air conditioner with your own hands

Summer is rapidly gaining momentum and carries with it a permanent heat. If you have no air (and he, by the way, is eating up a lot of electricity), and stoically endure the summer heat and have no desire to try to make their own air cooler. Their operation principles are universal, and the necessary […]

Scientists have found the perfect place for a Martian colony

One of the main problems facing the participants in Mars missions – deadly cosmic radiation on the surface of the red planet. In this regard, a team of planetary scientists of the Washington Academy of Sciences proposed the idea to build Martian settlements inside the underground caves – or rather, ancient lava tubes. The most […]

Vibrobots Feelbelt will give unusual tactile sensations any games or movies

Tactile feedback is a very popular technology, especially in the entertainment industry. Controller almost every gaming console released in the last 20 years, has some form of vibration. And now German startup Feelbelt launches the sale of the eponymous device that gives tactile dimension to games, music and movies. All he needs is any device […]

In the United States develop a nuclear reactor that can be printed on a 3D printer

National laboratory Oak ridge, U.S. Department of energy completes the design of a prototype active zone of a new nuclear reactor. It is created in the framework of the Transformational Challenge Reactor (TCR) and differs primarily by the method of manufacture. For the first time in the history of large parts of the reactor are […]

China launches first network of tourist flying drone

EHang, the airline joined forces with the travel company LN Holdings to top the list of the proposed hotels in air tourism. A kind of “testing ground”, which will be running this unusual idea will be the LN Garden hotel in the Chinese city of Nansha. On 9 may the leaders of the company EHang […]

Robot Spot now works as a caretaker in the Park Singapore

In Singapore, municipal authorities use a four-legged robot from Boston Dynamics Spot to remind Park visitors to keep a safe distance from each other. On may 8, the little yellow robot is patrolling a city Park Bishan-Ang Mo Kio. Spot walks along the paths and broadcasts a pre-recorded message about security measures. And special stands […]

US Navy developing Autonomous vehicles-robots

The U.S. Navy, together with DARPA has started to develop Autonomous vehicles-robots. The concept is called NOMARS (No Ship Mariners Required). In the case of its successful implementation in the U.S. Navy may receive warship that will take on the most “dull, dangerous and dirty” work to get rid of it ships with living crews. […]

Twisted at a certain “magic angle” graphene acquires new amazing properties

Call graphene the “miracle material” for a reason – he is ultra-thin, ultra-strong and has a very unusual electrical properties. Researchers from MIT before been found particularly strange pattern that occurs in twisted graphene but is now significantly deepened in his study. Graphene consists of layers of carbon with a thickness of only one atom. […]

The secret US aircraft returns to space – this time we know why

The next launch of the mystery of the reusable spacecraft of the U.S. air force known as the X-37B, is scheduled for may 16 this year. And this is the rare case when the purpose of the mission made public in advance, so as usual this camera performs its mission in complete secrecy. Perhaps the […]

In Finland summed up the results of the biggest experiment with basic income

In Finland summed up the results of the biggest experiment with the payment of an unconditional basic income to citizens, which was conducted in 2017-2018. The experiment was launched in November 2017, and was attended by 2,000 randomly selected unemployed persons. Important point – it was impossible to refuse, the event had the force of […]

New foam for 3D printers expands in volume up to 40 times

To date, the size of the items that can be printed on a 3D printer, limited by the size of the 3D printer (unless you design complex assemblies). Therefore, when the need arises to print a large object – for example, for aerospace industry – the manufacturer is forced to bond, weld or glue a […]

The navigation system of the mosquito helped to create a new recommended drone

Nature – inexhaustible source of unique engineering solutions, what once again proved an international group of scientists, led by Professor Richard Bompe from the Royal veterinary College in London. They studied the mechanism of touch of the males of the mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus, which helped them to recreate the ability of an insect to detect […]