Scientists have developed a tiny and very useful “Fitbit for Chicks”

Scientists at the University of California, riverside have developed a compact, resembling a small backpack device, which is dubbed the “Fitbit for Chicks”. With it, farmers will be able to solve a very important problem is to detect mites on the body of chickens. As a rule, ticks prefer to stick to the back of […]

In order to combat coronavirus in Japan has banned screaming on a roller coaster

A few days ago, visitors to the Japanese amusement Park Fuji-Q Highland saw no ordinary video message, in which two high-ranking leaders of the Park, clad in protective masks, rush coaster… in complete silence. According to the publication The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the Park administration was forced to ban visitors to scream, riding various […]

Startup Voyage produced a system for remote control cars

The startup Voyage of engineers designed and constructed a special “car without wheels” for the implementation of new technologies of remote driving, which is a continuation of previous developments – a remote control panel. The startup team adapted the experience of real driving, in connection with its “ersatz-car”, since “gaming” version of the steering system […]

This akogare will reduce the noise from the open window by 10 decibels

In the journal Scientific Reports, a description of the new device, which reduces the volume of the sounds passing through the open window. It can be installed in two-pane sliding Windows, and it will reduce the volume of the external noise by 10 decibels. The device consists of 24 small speakers (each 4.5 cm in […]

In the Pacific ocean is a desert with the cleanest sea water in the world

For those who are tired to see how humanity is polluting the World’s oceans, for mental calm is to make a journey to the South Pacific gyre. This space is an area of 37 million square km, which is in the midst of a “point Nemo” is the oceanic pole of inaccessibility. Here shed used […]

Yamaha has released Civante – speed electric bike is all third class

Yamaha in 1993, it became the first who started to mass-produce electric bicycles. Her success in this field no doubt, and recently the company introduced a new model called Civante. Its main advantage is that it is the first electric bike brand third class. Most of the components manufactured at the facilities of the company, […]

An Autonomous robot scientist conducts experiments without human help

Developed at the University of Liverpool (UK) new robot performs the functions of the laboratory, it can independently plan and carry out experiments. It was created to help scientists to perform routine work, like finding the optimal reagent for a specific reaction when you need to experiment with hundreds of options. And he did it […]

In 2021 will start the race at hyperspeed scooters eSkootr Championship

An international team of organizers is preparing to launch the world’s first tournament races on high-speed scooters eSkootr Championship (eSC). The participants will compete in the electric bikes that can accelerate to 100 km/h. The race will take place in selected urban areas in different cities around the world. The organisers aim to make them […]

Reon tiny air Pocket from Sony can be discreetly worn under clothing

Sony has developed a tiny gadget Reon Pocket, which is inserted into the clothing and can cool you in the heat by as much as 5 degrees (or warm 5 degrees in the cold). To use the device, just place it in a special inside pocket on the shirt that is on the blades. Sony […]

Practical system Pico will create an Autonomous home farm

Not everyone has a green thumb or enough time that you could devote. To help such people is called new Pico system, which will allow you to create almost Autonomous home farm. Pico consists of a plurality of individual pots that can be combined in one chain. Each module consists of a plastic main pot […]

No toilet paper, but there is a copy online: the surprises luxury bunker Suite

Until the fall, when the U.S. presidential elections are held, which have all chances to complete a new Civil war at hand. There is a risk that a disaster will take a global dimension, and therefore the interest of wealthy Americans once again turned to safe underground bunkers-shelters. Like for example, a condo Survival Condo […]

Super white paint on the basis of Teflon reflects 98% of sunlight

Buildings in hot climates traditionally try to paint it white because it effectively reflects the sun’s rays. A team of scientists from the University of California reports on a major breakthrough – they managed to create a very white paint that reflects nearly all the light falling on it. The possibility of white paint in […]

In the Alps appeared pink snow and the sign of the climate catastrophe

In the Italian Alps is something strange and sinister – the surface of the glacier Presena turned a suspicious pink color. Scientists know what it is, but I don’t understand why this is happening here at this time of year. Worse still, skeptics believe – this so-called “watermelon snow” is a new and important sign […]

Elon Musk suggested that channelerotica to compete with his beloved snail, Gary

Drill company Ilona Mask The Boring Company declared intention to radically accelerate the pace of tunnelling. She needed new technologies and engineering solutions that have been proposed to develop third-party companies specializing in mining equipment and tunnelling. The main criterion is: participants need to outrun the snail Gary during the construction of the test tunnel. […]

Madagascar found the remains of an ancestor of the dinosaurs growth of only 10 cm

In 1998 in the South-Western part of Madagascar has been found a vast area with many fossilized remains of different ancient creatures. Their study required a lot of labor and time, but also brought interesting results. For example, scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur Kongonaphon kely, which means “tiny fighter bugs”. The name […]