The network is gaining popularity of new entertainment – Zoom-ESCAP quests

During isolation some owners quest rooms began to offer online versions of their quests, in which you can play remotely the whole team. For example, the American company Puzzle Break has developed a virtual version of the four test series “Escape Grimm.” As you might guess, it’s a world inspired by the fairy tales of […]

Scientists have discovered the secret to self-sustaining domes of the Renaissance

In a joint study from Princeton University and Bergamo University scientists have identified engineering methods for the construction of a self-sustaining stone domes characteristic of the era of the Italian Renaissance. The object of study was the famous dome of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. We are talking about medieval technologies of […]

Enthusiasts are lining up to buy the slowest laptop in the world

On Crowdsupply crowdfunding platform more than a hundred users have already collected for the project notuce “MNT Reform” of $125 thousand, despite the fact that requested only $115 thousand to the end of the fundraiser even more months. Tech enthusiasts literally Queuing up for a new laptop although it is unlikely to reach the levels […]

In Texas held the first meeting of the jury via Zoom

Judge Emily Miskel County of Collin, Texas (USA), on Monday held a procedure of forming the jury panel, which will be held using the Zoom. The court will hear a brief version of the case, discuss it and reach a verdict using only the remote communication. The verdict is optional, and the event is experimental. […]

Electric Dyson all surpassed Tesla, but its production was canceled

Last fall, Dyson has officially stopped working on a promising prototype of electric car, determined not to show his creation to the public. Six months later, it became apparent that to revive the project would not, and therefore some of the details decided to declassify. Was built a fully functional prototype “N526”, which completed sea […]

In Minecraft he built the largest city in the entire history of the game

Portal user Reddit with nick @NJDaeger published news about the next update of virtual city Greenfield (Greenfield), who built in the game Minecraft with 2011. Now he is in size comparable to the largest megalopolises of the world and much more of all other settlements in the game. The main feature of Greenfield in the […]

Samsung introduced a substitute window that generates artificial sunlight

Technology incubator-Samsung’s C-Labs have provided extensive support SunnyFive a startup that develops an ersatz Windows, able to generate light identical to the sun. Interest in such projects arose from the analysis of the problems that brought the pandemic COVID-19. Forced to stay at home, people massively complain about the lack of sunlight, these window systems […]

The weather forecasts from David Lynch surrealism 2020, which we need

“Good morning! Today 11 may 2020, and it’s Monday,” says the American surrealist David Lynch in a new video posted on YouTube (his hair is majestic as ever). “Here in Los Angeles, a little overcast in the morning fog.” “The air temperature is 64 degrees Fahrenheit, about 17 Celsius,” he adds. “But soon all will […]

American scientists have created the perfect hybrid of man and mouse

American scientists have reported an unprecedented success in the integration of live human cells in the organisms of other animals. In particular, they managed to create the most perfect to date, hybrid human-mouse – something that is impossible in ordinary nature. Such chimeras are extremely important and necessary science, but it is not spectacular from […]

Modular system AdapTableTop will create a field for any table games

AdapTableTop – a unique system for Board games that uses more platforms to create new floors and dimensions in space game. The development is dedicated to all fans of tabletop role-playing games, which perfectly know how difficult sometimes to allocate all objects in space during the game to fit on one table playing field, hundreds […]

English fisherman found in the river sacred the mysterious cubes from India

The story of the robbery of the former British Empire to their Asian colonies, has sometimes a very unusual consequences. In Central England, on the banks of the river Sow, near Coventry local resident will Reid while fishing found in shallow water, the pile of strange dice. They are made of lead and striated strange […]

In Japan has developed an inflatable motorcycle that is able to fit in a backpack

Humanity has seen many portable elektronikov, but this little scooter lifts ideas about man-portable vehicles to a new level. Poimo (POrtable and Inflatable MObility) is inflatable motorcycle from the team at the University of Tokyo, which in a deflated condition will easily fit in a backpack. At the moment, Poimo – just a test prototype, […]

Australia won the first “Eurovision AI” substantial help koalas

The team of programmers and songwriters from Australia won the first (informal) stage of the Eurovision song contest for Artificial Intelligence. Their chip was using a neural network, trained on the sounds that are usually made Koala, the Kookaburra and Tasmanian devils. A group called Uncanny Valley (Sinister Valley) said that their song is a […]

Smart system Sapple will monitor your health by using household appliances

Researchers from the laboratory of computer Sciences and artificial intelligence at mit (CSAIL) has created a wireless system, which studies how people use devices in their homes. According to scientists, using data about how users manage their appliances, you can study their habits, health status, monitor the wellbeing of older people, promote saving of energy […]

Lithuanian startup AKO Trike has created a prototype electric trike

Lithuanian startup AKO Trike presented the second prototype of its two-seat electric trike, and also a computer rendering of how it will ultimately look like. The first prototype trike was a “naked,” as buggy as the frame and suspension. Premiere test drive took place in October last year. Testing of the second prototype took place […]