The medieval recipe ointment was the key to creating ultra-antibiotic

Than more and more bacteria resistant to antibiotics, the more we revert to the ancient days when any scratch could become fatal due to infection. But from there, from the middle Ages, suddenly came the hope of salvation. British pharmacologists from the University of Warwick studied a single instance of “Bald”s Leechbook” medical textbook of […]

Google Stadia can now be used with the cellular communication

Soon, a cloud-based game streaming service Google Stadia will be available for users of compounds 4G and 5G. Not to be unfounded, the Internet giant offered to all who wish to participate in testing new features. Feature can connect, downloading the app Stadia on the phone and then click on your avatar, then switch to […]

The cosmic forces of the United States received instead of starships horse

The newly created Space, the US armed forces that are designed to use the most advanced technologies got its first vehicle. However, the military isn’t a prototype starship, as you might expect, but a living horse named Ghost. This makes a lot of sense to fly military astronauts is not yet in sight, and the […]

Later, 600 thousand years, NASA Martian rock returns to his home planet

On the eve of the start of the mission, “NASA Perseverance 2020”, scheduled on 30 July, NASA announced an unusual cargo that will travel to Mars onboard the new Rover. This is the subject, which once belonged to the red planet – a fragment of Martian meteorite Sayḩ al Uhaymir 008 (SaU 008). People decided […]

The company Mondraker has released the real elektrobayka for kids

The Spanish company Mondraker introduced electric bikes Grommy with 12-inch wheels for children from 3 to 5 years and with 16-inch for children 5 to 8 years. The bike is equipped with a 250-watt brushless srednerynochnyh engine, quick-release battery capacity 4Ah, capable of providing hour run, turning throttle, disc brakes Tektro MD-510, footrests and solid […]

Masks with copper ions to destroy 99.9% of the particles of the coronavirus

British scientists have discovered a cheap and practical means for the prevention of infection with coronavirus. They drew a parallel between anti-odor for athletes and viral nature COVID-19. It turned out that to defeat the virus just a little bit of copper. British Copper Clothing startup engaged in the development and production of fabrics and […]

Led mask from Lumen Couture is rapidly gaining popularity

At the dawn of the pandemic from designer Chelsea Klukas Lumen Couture was born from the idea to sew some fabric masks for a close circle of friends. However, as an experiment, she decided to add the mask manufacturability. According to Clucas to learn how to do led mask, I only needed to take a […]

A small hand-held device, Theia will replace a guide dog

Guide dogs are the right hand for thousands of blind and visually impaired people; however, they are not for everyone. But soon there will be devices that are able to replace them. Student of the faculty of industrial design at Loughborough University (UK), Anthony Camus has developed a device called Theia, which is based on […]

Scientists have figured out how tree snakes could fly through the air

All members of the genus Chrysopelea snakes have an innate ability to move through the air, but only Chrysopelea paradisi, or the Paradise decorated with snake fully mastered the art of flight. This ability to manage their planning allows them to move quickly and accurately over long distances. Scientists have found that these snakes don’t […]

Return to the Zone: S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2 to be

After more than ten years of silence the legendary series of games STALKER received an official sequel. The company GSC Game World, the game’s Creator, announced a new part back in 2018, but strong evidence of the development there is only now. The presentation of the trailer took place during the event Microsoft Xbox Series […]

Security system Snare will create problems, “parcel pirates”

In the USA there is a widespread problem of “mail order piracy”. Americans are widely used system of delivery of goods to the front door – which is being used by thieves. The parcel remains unattended and unprotected. However, even in the case of minor interference, the thieves usually prefer to retreat in search of […]

How to quickly test the effectiveness of homemade mask

Pandemic coronavirus demonstrated a problem of total shortage of certified means of protection, and raised the question of adequate replacement. In fact, from a practical point of view to provide the whole population with protective masks medical or industrial grade is simply inefficient. They must not only produce according to strict standards, but also to […]

We have the first images of the poles of Ganymede – there are plasma rain

The spacecraft NASA’s “Juno” (“Juno”) for four years revolves around Jupiter, along the way, watching his companions. But now he first photographed from a distance of 100 000 km of the North pole of one of them – Ganymede, where there are constant plasma “rains”. Ganymede is extremely interesting. It is the largest moon in […]

At Arizona bottled ominous black river

Eyewitnesses from Pima County in Arizona (USA) have recorded the flow of black sludge on a dry riverbed. Ominous black substance flooded the area of the village of Cañada del Oro wash and threatens the whole region. All this happens against the background of large-scale forest fire “Bighorn Fire”, which can’t put out June 5, […]