An unusual Swordfish boat will allow you to travel on water and under water

François-Alexandre Bertrand has designed and built an unusual surface-underwater vessel, which was named Platypus Swordfish. Swordfish is a 12-meter tourist the tender (a small support vessel for cruising in shallow water and larger ships – approx. ed Techcult) for eight people. Its unique feature is that it allows passengers to travel both over water and […]

EHang has developed a flying fire truck

Until recently, the Chinese company EHang has focused on the production of multicopters, which are used as air taxis and for transporting tourists. However, in order to prove the versatility of its Autonomous unmanned platform, the company has developed the firefighter quadcopter. Fire version quadcopter EHang 216, equipped with a capacity from 145 gallons of […]

Pandemic coronavirus brought eSports to a new incredible level

Coca-Cola, Intel, Samsung and dozens of other major companies that have historically been sponsors of sporting events, in 2020, dramatically changed its strategy. Since the current stadiums because of the quarantine and COVID-19 are empty, the money corporations have aimed to support eSports. There also rushed and professional athletes who are forced to sit idle. […]

Coral reefs help to design a perfectly optimized industrial building

Issues of land use in densely populated Metropolitan areas and countries with a small territory are so acute that the designers are willing to draw ideas from anywhere, if it works. One such source of inspiration for the architects of coral reefs. Earlier considered as just a complicated underwater structure, but recent studies have shown […]

The company XCY released a full-fledged computer N4100 palm-sized

Chinese electronics manufacturer XCY announced the beginning of sales of a full-fledged mini-PC N4100, the size of which allows it to fit in the palm of your hand. Its performance is enough for web surfing, checking e-mail, office work, and to use streaming music and video services. Dimensions XCY N4100 – 63 x 61 x […]

Clothing with active cooling protects against heat and repel water

Researchers from Donghua University (China) developed a synthetic fabric for active cooling of the body without the use of energy sources. All the matter in the chemical properties of new materials, the combination of which allows to achieve complex effect – and impressive performance. New tissue does not block the natural functions of the body […]

AIRBUS will build ESA for the first ever interplanetary cargo ship

As reports the edition, the BBC, the European space Agency (ESA) agreed with the aerospace giant AIRBUS on the construction of a space cargo vehicle Earth Return Orbiter (ERO), intended for delivery to Earth of Martian soil. ERO weight of 6.5 tons, it will be equipped with ion engines that will operate massive solar panels, […]

Ducati released three folding electric bike-SUV

Ducati Urban-E The famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has introduced three models of folding bikes-SUV with electric drive: Urban-E, SCR-E SCR-E Sport. Innovations developed by the specialists of the branch of the company Centro Stile Ducati. The most stylish model – Urban-E is designed with the participation of renowned design group, Italdesign Giugiaro. Among the […]

Technology FlashBattery charge the battery of the drone in 5 minutes

Most drones-multicopters have an approximately 30-minute flight resource, then they need 1-2 hours to charge the batteries. Israeli company StoreDot thanks to its technology FlashBattery promises to cut the time down to five minutes. The composition of the battery FlashBattery includes chemically synthesized nanoteck that form the basis of a multipurpose electrode that fast charging […]

How to turn a clever column in the Baby Yoda

For those who misses the world of Star wars, the TV series “Mandalore”, or just wants their own Baby Yoda, the American manufacturer of protective cases OtterBox decided to give a chance. The solution is simple and elegant – to call on the assistance of the skilled adept Hand at its sweetest form. Simply put, […]

Now Kodak – pharmaceutical company

Kodak, once one of the most powerful brands in the world of photos, went bankrupt in 2012, turned into pharmaceutical company, and received from the US government the credit for the development of 756 million dollars. The company plans to open a subsidiary of Kodak Pharmaceuticals, which will manufacture ingredients for the drugs. Evaluation of […]

China sets to the ships turbine generators to power the lasers and rail guns

State media reports China Navy people’s liberation army (PLA) equip their ships with powerful 20-megawatt generators that will provide the necessary energy military lasers and rail guns. Them developed by the 704 research Institute of China state shipbuilding Corporation – not reported on what the ships in question, however, apparently, this missile destroyers of the […]

The electro Skadu will destroy all the dirt in your home

Skadu – new brush-machine , which easily cleans any dirty surface in the house. Ergonomic design and three rotating scraper make cleaning fun. They allow you to keep your hands away from dirt and chemical cleaning agents. And the additional elongated nozzle perfect for cleaning bottles and cans with a narrow neck. Skadu comes with […]

Composites with fibers of the banana will allow you to create light and durable cars

Alas, but the production of lightweight and durable carbon fiber while costing a pretty penny. Scientists from the University of Johannesburg (South Africa) under supervision of Professor Tien-Chen Jen offer a cheaper and reliable alternative – a new material in which carbon fibers are replaced with fibers extracted from banana palm trees. To separate the […]

Mysterious radio signal was traced to dead star in our galaxy

Astrophysicists have received a confirmation of the theory that the source of the fast radio bursts can be Magnetar. This information gave them the incident with the object SGR 1935 + 2154, which is 28 April, gave up a double signal. The scientists took time on data processing, but now they are sure that the […]

New Israeli battle tank “Carmel” came straight from the world of computer games

Israeli military equipment have always been high efficiency and, equally important, was easy to operate. So, at the time Israeli pilots added in the cockpit of the F-4 Phantom rear view mirror, and included assault rifles, the Galil was provided fixture… bottle opener. When developing a new armored fighting vehicle “Carmel” Israeli engineers stayed true […]

The facades of ceramics and fungi will protect the building from heat and fire

After last year’s massive fires Australian authorities are ready to impose a ban on the use of the main types of facing materials for buildings, as they were all too vulnerable to fire. Only stops the absence of an acceptable alternative, but the scientists from the Institute of smart cities Swinburne is already interesting proposal. […]