Game Kana Quest will teach you to understand traditional Japanese characters

Due to pandemic quarantine computer games (very popular at any time) are now experiencing an unprecedented surge of interest. Fortunately, the choice of game content is great – but what if you want to play not only entertained, but also gave food for the mind? Pay attention to the game, like Kana Quest, which uses […]

Facebook launches new features for a live broadcast amid soaring demand

Professionals Facebook working on new features that can facilitate user access to online broadcasts – even without registration in Facebook. The surge of interest in this area is associated with a sharply increased in the Wake of the pandemic the demand for “live” video. Now unregistered users can watch the live broadcast not only on […]

Astronomers finally found the edge of the milky way

Our milky way galaxy was 15 times more than we used to believe. What you can see in the night sky, only the bright Central spiral disk with a diameter of 120 thousand light years. A cloud of gas, scattered stars and dark matter, which is a big part of our galaxy, stretches much further […]

Graphene device will collect the energy of Wi-Fi signals for charging gadgets

In its current form, the technology of wireless charging efficiency is not much different from the usual: loads of gadget have to be in contact with the charger. The space around us is literally full of “orphan” radiation, which is a source of energy. A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) […]

In Australia developed a “pandemic drone” capable of finding the sick in the crowd

The University of South Australia (UniSA) and the canadian company Draganfly Inc have joined forces to develop a “pandemic of the drone” that can use sensors and computer vision to search for people with infectious respiratory diseases. One of the main problems in the fight against COVID-19 – rapid identification of infected patients. However, the […]

Necrophelia: the most unusual field of astronomy, about which you never heard

In astronomy in recent years formed a new direction, aptly nicknamed “necromentia”. Its members are engaged in the study of the fate of the already dead planet, trying to simulate what they were in life, what was and what influence they had on their star system. In some ways this is like a fantasy wizard-necromancer […]

Scientists have learned how to turn ordinary bricks in radiation detectors

In 1972, the year the BBC released a Christmas story-a horror story about what the stones actually are the carriers of information and the memory of past events. And sometimes the information is so bright that it breaks out – in the form of ghosts and other mysticism. The story and the idea have become […]

This year Google will completely abandon April fools pranks for coronavirus

April fools ‘ day pranks – established in many countries tradition. This year Google is known for its many April fools jokes which accompanies almost all manufactured products, decided to change the tradition. The reason is clear: not joking, pandemic coronavirus is rampant. As reported by the online publication Business Insider, Google “refuses that tradition […]

On Twitch appeared peaceful stream, entirely devoted to the animals

Canadian artist Julie Lauryn recently launched in Twitch for a live stream, devoted to microscopic eight-legged animals – animals. But that’s exactly what we need in this difficult time. The stream is part of the project Julie “Tiny world” that explores of microscopic life around us. “Telling about this journey into the microcosm, I hope […]

Minecraft offers to take a free tour on the ISS or Ancient Greece

That children forced to stay at home, could spend time with benefits, the Studio Mojang (the developer of the famous Minecraft) opened free access to a huge number of learning content. Area for consideration will be the space game Minecraft in Marketplace which added a category “Training”. All available materials can be downloaded for free […]