Scientists have developed a wrist game controller from breathable electrodyne

Researchers at the University of North Carolina has developed a thin elastic material, which can be integrated wearable electronics. According to scientists, they created the fabric may find practical application in Biomedicine. For the experiment they used a sleeve of a fabric as a controller to play Tetris (video below). The fabric is highly breathable, […]

Legendary steam toaster Balmuda outside of Japan

Japanese brand Balmuda opens delivery the legendary steam toaster “The Toaster” in the United States. Price exhibited impressive $ 329 on the website of the company (and soon on Amazon and Williams Sonoma). But there is a reason steam toaster exceeds the usual in quality and functionality. Instead of the usual heating elements, The Toaster […]

Our short-term memory is constantly lying – but it helps us to survive

Scientists have proved that our short-term memory is intentionally deceiving us, creating tricks that allow us to better know what we see in the world. The deception begins when we see something a second time. Our brain is partially distorts the image, so we can retrieve the object, even if it moved in space, or […]

Smart glasses FitByte will monitor your diet

Maintaining any diet occurs primarily through the fixation of when and what you eat. However, to monitor and record every single meal is not so simple. Experimental technology FitByte, which is being developed at Carnegie-Mellon (USA), is designed to solve this problem. Its essence lies in the use of multiple sensors that can be installed […]

How to easily create a QR code using Google Sheets

QR codes is a handy tool to instantly connect the offline phenomena with their online form. They can be used for a variety of problems, from redirecting with a Billboard on the street to the point of sale of the goods on the Internet, to tracking the activity of participants in video conferencing. How they […]

The British Museum opens online access to its huge collection of

British Museum (the main historical and archaeological Museum UK) has opened access to more than half of the objects in its collection (4.5 million units), which can now be found on the Internet. Of these, 1.9 million images available under Creative Commons license 4.0. Virtual visitors now have the opportunity not only to view the […]

In Hong Kong, has developed a coating that protects from COVID-19 for three months

From the first of may, after the official completion of clinical trials, the Hong Kong authorities will begin to apply a new type of disinfectant, known as MAP-1. About it reports Reuters with reference to representatives of the Hong Kong University of science and technology. Here was developed the drug, which provides long-term protection from […]

Smartphone HTC miner Exodus can “beat” a price for 170 years

The process of mining cryptocurrency is still not available to all. An attempt to solve this problem was made by the creators of the smartphone HTC Exodus, ordered a special app DeMiner for obtaining cryptocurrency Monero. In developing the app involved a canadian company Midas Labs, it will be launched in the second quarter of […]

Washington will soon have a unique bridge Park

Residents and visitors of Washington will soon be able to stroll through the new Park in the form of a bridge-garden, which is spread out over the Anacostia river. “Bridge to the 11th Street” designed by landscape architects from the Bureau of OLIN. It is assumed that the space will be occupied by green spaces, […]

Technology “electric fog” will allow you to apply coatings to the most complex objects

Professor Jonathan P. singer, from Rutgers University in new Jersey (USA) has developed a technology for deposition of coatings on complex three-dimensional structure throughout their area. It can be used as simple coloring products (including, printed on a 3D printer), and to handle them with special substances. The working title of the technology: “the electric […]

Humanity is faced with a new complex phenomenon of “Zoom-depletion”

Today damn we already know that frequent and prolonged exposure to video chats can be incredibly tedious. In the publications of the BBC and the Wall Street Journal, for example, had already published stories about the phenomenon of “Zoom-depletion”, which makes people feel more socially repressed than it was before the pandemic. The phenomenon stems […]

The Pentagon officially has published three videos with UFOs

This week the US defense Department has officially published three short videos, which the military captured a UFO. All the videos are old, is not the first ply in the Internet and have not any interest to ufologists – that’s why they published. The Pentagon felt that this step no longer threatens their interests.

Can the fastest car in the world to overtake… fighter?

Speedtail is the fastest car ever created in the company McLaren can accelerate to the speed of 405 km/h, which is even faster than the legendary F-1 race cars. But he’s fast enough to outrun… the fighter of the 5th generation F-35? This question helped to answer the host of the popular British television’s Top […]

Plastic trash is easy and cheap to turn in the components of batteries

The most common design of lithium-ion batteries, it is difficult to improve, but scientists see great potential in the search for new materials for its components. This search has led scientists from Purdue University (USA) to the substance to diacriticals. They recently successfully tested the technology of its extraction from ordinary plastic bottles. Diacritical is […]

Technology Conduct-A-Bot allows you to control the drone movements

Laboratory for computer science and artificial intelligence Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT CSAIL) has developed a technology control Conduct-A-Bot that uses muscle sensors and motion detectors for a more “natural” control of robots. Algorithms capture the gestures, tracking movement of the person, and the activity of certain individual muscles – biceps, triceps and forearms. To […]

Astronomers have found a star who survived a meeting with a black hole

Astronomer Andrew king from the University of Leicester (UK) made a hypothesis of why a small black hole GSN 069 has a very unusual property – every 9 hours extend from it, a powerful flash of x-rays. For black holes, these effects are not uncommon, but the norm – but with such regularity scientists faced […]

Microsoft has patented a technology bitcoin mining using brain

Microsoft has found a new way to use the unlimited potential of the human brain to good use. For example, it provides users to mine bitcoins with your brain. That is, you just loaf in favor of Microsoft – literally. The company has applied for patent technology to task and fixation of their performance by […]

Scientists have determined the best materials for homemade face masks

In the US, where the number of infected by the coronavirus, has exceeded one million, and killed more than 50 thousand, a question of personal Biosafety as relevant as ever. But the economy is and pharmaceuticals in paralysis, so researchers from Argonne national laboratory and University of Chicago decided to study the materials of which […]