Paleontologists solved the mystery of the ancient of long-necked tanystropheus

Scientists from the Chicago field Museum of natural history did a CT fossil remains of one of the mysterious beings of ancient times – tennistrophy. So far (and since its opening it has been almost 200 years old) paleontologists could not even understand, was this beast on land, water or flying. The reason for this […]

How supernovae create calcium, which consist of our bones and teeth

Last spring, in the galaxy M100 is 55 million light years away exploded supernova SN 2019ehk. It is noteworthy that he found this Amateur astronomer Joel shepherd, and the Hubble space telescope saw nothing. This is no accident – SN 2019ehk refers to the unique objects that are responsible for creating more than half of […]

Scientists had to rename a lot of genes, which confounded Microsoft Excel

As shown, familiar to all Microsoft Excel is a serious headache for geneticists. The fact is that many of the genes are remarkably similar to the calendar date that Excel willingly and without asking puts in its own format. And since Microsoft, for obvious reasons, not going to upgrade their product specifically for the needs […]

Scientists have learned how to create the most vivid fluorescent materials in the world

Scientists from Indiana University and the University of Copenhagen decided the perennial problem of creating super-bright fluorescent dyes. They were able to synthesize molecules, the glow of which does not depend on each other. As a result, the radiation brightness of new materials compared to the traditional has increased dramatically. In the new molecules of […]

Found the catalyst that turns carbon dioxide and water into pure alcohol

Researchers from Argonne national laboratory US Department of energy, together with colleagues from Northern Illinois University opened a new and useful catalyst. It literally turns water into alcohol or ethanol. You need only an electric current of small voltage and carbon dioxide – the carbon dioxide that pollutes the atmosphere. The substance belongs to the […]

Humanity has the technology to fly to Mars on a blast

Researchers from the University of southern California (USA) received experimental confirmation of the theory about the ability to control air / fuel flow with shock waves. It is necessary to address key problems in the creation of a hypersonic ramjet engine (scramjet, or “scramjet” in English terminology – approx. ed Techcult). Until a solution is […]

Researchers from MIT have figured out why men’s razor blades

A team of engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) headed by K. Jam Tasana figured out why the steel blades of the razor blades while shaving, despite the fact that they’re 50 times tougher hair. With an electron microscope they found that under certain conditions, even one hair is capable of chipping the […]

Unusual grill smokehouse Nomad will fit in a small case

The main idea of the grill Grill & Smoker from the company’s Nomad is to make it multifunctional and convenient for carrying. It allows you to cook ribs, steaks and burgers, and after a barbecue turns into a compact, convenient portfolio that easily fits in the trunk of the car. The grill is made of […]

What is ammonium nitrate – the substance behind the explosion in Beirut

As stated by the Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab, the cause of the explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, with catastrophic consequences of steel 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate stored at the port in 2014 with numerous violations. Ammonium nitrate or ammonium nitrate (NH₄NO₃) is made in the form of small […]

The US army is considering the Earth’s magnetic field as a replacement for GPS

World global positioning system (GPS) created in the USA in the late 80-ies, relies in his work on 24 satellites. During this time it has evolved considerably and has become an integral part of our civilization. Thanks to it, users can accurately determine its location and time anywhere in the world – and this is […]

Computer game EndeavorRx officially approved as a medicine

The American Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines has given permission for the use of computer games EndeavorRx as medicines. This summer, patients can receive a prescription from a doctor. Its main users will be children with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. EndeavorRx the game – racing simulator with flexible changeable […]

Formant, the company offers everyone to take robops Spot for a walk

Robodog Spot company Boston Dynamics has gained worldwide fame due to its unique achievements – for example, assistance to physicians during the epidemic and working as a sheepherder. Now, thanks to the interactive connection and the company’s Formant (USA), any Internet user may, if desired, to walk with robocable, within their homes from anywhere in […]

In New Zealand tested the world’s first system of wireless transmission of energy

Company Powerco, the second largest distributor of gas and electricity in New Zealand, has provided startup Emrod opportunities to test innovative means of transmitting energy without wires. Currently there is only a prototype of such a transmitter and developers will require about six months of work in the laboratory before they proceed to field experiments. […]

Panoramic display Brelyon will create the illusion of a giant screen

The kind of immersive displays is represented by IMAX screens, headsets virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR). However, all these modern technologies are not without drawbacks. So, for example, wearing augmented reality glasses with a weight of 200 grams within a few hours onerous. Electrical engineer Barmak Heshmat, one of the founders of the company […]

In Australia, launched Shazam for spiders

Australia is known worldwide not only for its unique nature, but the presence of a large number deadly to human creatures. However, not all residents of the country and, especially, her guests will be able to distinguish harmless from homemade spider killer spiders an Australian widow. IT specialists Nick and Murray Scher together with the […]