Funny robot turtle can become the best inspector fish farms

Fish nurseries need to be checked regularly for tightness, and the fish for disease and parasites. Still, this work is usually performed by divers. However, due to their size, clumsiness and a large number of exhaled bubbles they create for fish serious discomfort. A group of researchers of the Tallinn University of technology led by […]

World quarantine changed seismic activity of our planet

Flash Covid-19 and related countermeasures is not like anything we have ever experienced. And in this extremely difficult time the scientists-seismologists at the Royal Observatory of Belgium opened a highly interesting and unusual natural effect. Since then, various countries introduced measures of isolation of the population, in the world there is a noticeable decrease in […]

Samsung has launched a buyback program Galaxy S20

Samsung has launched an unusual program, which aims to allow the owners of the flagship Galaxy S20 to return it within two years from the date of purchase for 50% the original price. The main condition for the return – good condition smartphone. In case of fulfillment of this condition, users of Galaxy S20 5G […]

Irish Studio Grafton Architects building in the United States is a fantastic wooden building

Owner of the most prestigious architectural Pritzker prize (Pritzker Prize) for the year 2020 Irish design Studio Grafton Architects have developed a draft educational building with solid wood. According to the authors, unusual and elegant building should emphasize the versatility of wood as a building material. We are talking about Anthony Timberlands Center, a joint […]

Free had a great game with voice assistant “Hey, Robot”

Designer and developer of the Frank Lanza announced the launch of the online version of their ingenious game “Hey, robot” (Hey, Robot). Together with his wife, son, daughter-in-law and a handful of employees they did a free universal version for all who are bored in quarantine. It is still full of flaws and mistakes, but […]

New Snapchat lenses use augmented reality for social distancing

The developers of many Internet applications is increasingly becoming involved in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus. Recent example is Snapchat, which offered users a new set of two lenses, was created in collaboration with the world health organization (who). One of them called “My Social Distance” (“My social distance”) calls on members “to comply […]

Ancient Antarctica was not a block of ice, and warm, swampy forest

An international team of researchers took a soil sample by the age of 90 million years, which lifted the veil of secrecy over the ancient continent of Antarctica. It turns out that once there was a cool, wet rainforest with dense vegetation, rivers and swamps. The average annual temperature hovering around 12 °C, in summer […]

Insidious Bialowieska will not allow the flu virus to reach its goal

German scientists were able to neutralize the bird flu virus with a new weapon – phage capsid. It is a synthetic structure, on the basis of a natural bacteriophage that masquerades as the target cells and cause the virus to attack itself. When a sufficient amount of phage capsids they are able to intercept the […]

For $750 you take a dive to the bottom of the Mariana trench

In may this year, the company Caladan Oceanic organizes the first commercial expedition to the spot called the “Abyss Challenger”. It is located in the southwest of the Mariana trench and is officially considered the deepest place on our planet. Caladan Oceanic was founded by Victor Vescovo, a retired United States Navy officer and a […]

Disturbing news: in Antarctica recorded the first ever heat wave

Participants in the Australian Antarctic program, residing on the base Case in East Antarctica, have recorded and described the first ever full-scale heat wave on the continent. She came in late Jan and had so warm a polar air that in early February there was reported an absolute temperature record. Of 18.3 °C by as […]

Headset GOOVIS will take a giant cinema screen in virtual reality

One of the troubles pandemic quarantine that closed the theaters and not watch the news on the big screen, even if the files are in access. Help in this will be able new headset GOOVIS Young, which is able to simulate in the virtual reality mode for the giant screen. The visible diagonal of up […]

Nikon announced the winners of the contest for the best surf photos of the year

Nikon announced the results of Surf contest Photo and Video Awards and announced the winners – the authors of the best photographs taken around the world. Champion was an impressive shot taken in the iconic surf spot on the West coast of Australia, known as “The Right”. For the first time this place was discovered […]

China proposes to introduce a new Internet Protocol New IP with a built-in “switch”

Chinese electronics giant Huawei and the Ministry of industry and information technology of China and several companies are developing a new communication Protocol New IP, which is expected to replace the current TCP/IP. According to estimates by the Financial Times, the new IP Protocol will give the Chinese authorities a further opportunity to censor and […]

Enthusiast made bread recipe from Ancient Egypt to yeast age 4000 years

Seamus Black, which is famous in the IT industry as the Creator of the Xbox, has published a laudatory tweet. His months-long project was successful – along with the Egyptologist Serena Lav and microbiologist Richard Bowman, he managed to bake bread which is eaten in Ancient Egypt. This Black mastered from scratch all stages of […]

Astronomers invite all stuck in quarantine to hunt for new galaxies

Millions of people around the world trapped in forced home quarantine, I don’t know what to do. Known among lovers of the cosmos website offers everyone to take part in science project Galaxy Zoo (galaxy zoo). His goal is to expand our current understanding of the universe. In this project, professional astrophysicists take pictures […]

This heavy duty ion engine could one day save our planet

In July, 2021 will be a landmark experiment on correction of the course of this asteroid. Is called Didim-B at a system of two asteroids Didim, located 11 million km from Earth. To overcome such a distance and strike at the asteroid, specially prepared for this mission, the DART spacecraft will receive the latest ion […]