Funny robot BB-8 from Sphero will soon transform into the terrible police

The Sphero company dedicated to creating toys of robots like BB-8, announced the expansion plans. The company intends to use the AI to redesign their robots into assistants for emergency services, government, military and “those who work in dangerous situations.” And though there are no words that will collect Sphero robots for the police, did […]

Patches of blue-green algae effectively tightening even the most severe wounds

Patches of live blue-green algae accelerate shivlani wounds in mice and may help in the treatment of human chronic wounds (e.g., diabetes). About a quarter of diabetics have chronic wounds due to poor blood circulation and other complications. In severe cases, the affected part of the body have to be amputated. But sometimes such damage […]

Satellites during the Cold war followed by nuclear missiles… and squirrels

Scientists from the USGS are thanked for declassified military topographic images of the territory of the Soviet Union a half-century range. Spy satellites of that time diligently searching for missile silos, which repeatedly photographed the vast areas of terrain with high precision. Now, these data are an invaluable basis for conclusions about the development of […]

Transparent missiles clearly show how much fuel they burn

Modern rocket consume a monstrous amount of fuel. Youtuber Hazegrayart edited video, which clearly shows the fuel consumption in four different rockets, Saturn 5, Shuttle, Falcon Heavy and the new Space Launch System (SLS). In the video, different fuels are shown in different colours: Red Kerosene Orange Liquid hydrogen Blue – Liquid oxygen

Samsung released Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition for military professionals

Samsung Electronics America presented a special version of the smartphone Galaxy S20, intended for the army – Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition. Despite the army’s specific design, this is essentially the same S20 with some additional features FOR the more durable special housing Juggernaut. From the point of view of filling Tactical Edition is largely identical […]

Severe medical case showed, can lead to an overdose of coffee

Caffeine – the world’s most popular psychoactive stimulant, which besides is not regulated. At least in foods such as coffee, tea and energy drinks. Most of us consume caffeine in safe moderate doses, but the truth is, in pure form or in concentrated form, caffeine is an extremely powerful substance that can be life-threatening. According […]

Volvo forcibly limit the speed of all their cars to 180 km/h

As promised the leadership of Volvo in the past year, the company limits the maximum speed of the whole line of cars to 180 km/h with a special built-in function. The idea of speed limit, first announced by the Swedish company last year, was met with a very mixed. The question of whether the automakers […]

Chinese scientists have created a bionic eye that surpasses a live analog

Researcher Hong Kong University of science and technology Zhiyong Fang said a breakthrough in the development of an artificial analogue of the retina of the human eye. He and his colleagues were able to create a promising design based on the combination of sensors of the perovskite nanowires, which copies the device’s real eyes. A […]

Fitness tracker Lumen promises to hack and optimize your metabolism

Two years ago, users have found Wellness startup Lumen so promising that we have collected for him on the service Indiegogo, more than $2.3 million is the time and the device enters the open market at a price of $299 per copy. Included are the detector, a charger and a smartphone app. Lumen requires no […]

Smart oven Tovala’ll cook the meal, just let her scan the recipe

A revolutionary system of intelligent cooking Tovala Smart Oven is a reasonable alternative to home food. Perfect for those who love healthy food (but doesn’t enjoy the cooking process), and will review its relationship with cooking. For the operation of the furnace must be connected to wifi and also download a special application. Tovala Smart […]

Robot Spot got a connection to the cloud and went to herd sheep in New Zealand

Spot the robot company Boston Dynamics (USA) got the ability to remotely control from anywhere in the world, thanks to a partnership with cloud platform Rocos (New Zealand). To demonstrate the new opportunities the American team of enthusiasts took control of the robot, which was on a remote farm in New Zealand. Boston Dynamics is […]

The strange story of the oldest cognac in the world

Three bottles of the oldest in the world of cognac Gautier 1762 for a long time belonged to the family of Dancer, where they were kept since 1870. However, their 258-year history can make a surprise on may 28, when a unique cognac will finally be auctioned. It is worth noting that the company Gauthier, […]

The network is gaining popularity of new entertainment – Zoom-ESCAP quests

During isolation some owners quest rooms began to offer online versions of their quests, in which you can play remotely the whole team. For example, the American company Puzzle Break has developed a virtual version of the four test series “Escape Grimm.” As you might guess, it’s a world inspired by the fairy tales of […]

Scientists have discovered the secret to self-sustaining domes of the Renaissance

In a joint study from Princeton University and Bergamo University scientists have identified engineering methods for the construction of a self-sustaining stone domes characteristic of the era of the Italian Renaissance. The object of study was the famous dome of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. We are talking about medieval technologies of […]

Enthusiasts are lining up to buy the slowest laptop in the world

On Crowdsupply crowdfunding platform more than a hundred users have already collected for the project notuce “MNT Reform” of $125 thousand, despite the fact that requested only $115 thousand to the end of the fundraiser even more months. Tech enthusiasts literally Queuing up for a new laptop although it is unlikely to reach the levels […]

In Texas held the first meeting of the jury via Zoom

Judge Emily Miskel County of Collin, Texas (USA), on Monday held a procedure of forming the jury panel, which will be held using the Zoom. The court will hear a brief version of the case, discuss it and reach a verdict using only the remote communication. The verdict is optional, and the event is experimental. […]

Electric Dyson all surpassed Tesla, but its production was canceled

Last fall, Dyson has officially stopped working on a promising prototype of electric car, determined not to show his creation to the public. Six months later, it became apparent that to revive the project would not, and therefore some of the details decided to declassify. Was built a fully functional prototype “N526”, which completed sea […]

In Minecraft he built the largest city in the entire history of the game

Portal user Reddit with nick @NJDaeger published news about the next update of virtual city Greenfield (Greenfield), who built in the game Minecraft with 2011. Now he is in size comparable to the largest megalopolises of the world and much more of all other settlements in the game. The main feature of Greenfield in the […]