How to celebrate a historic 50th Earth Day online

22 April 2020 passed the 50th anniversary Earth Day – an annual celebration in the name of Pro-environmental behaviours. In 1970, about 20 million Americans first got together and demanded to devote more attention to the protection of our fragile planet. Since then, environmental activists around the world gather every year to celebrate this day. […]

The New Yorker offers new entertainment – cooperative crossword

A new mode of solving crosswords from The New Yorker magazine will help you and your comrades pass the time in isolation. The point is that one crossword can be solved online with a friend and even company. So, pretty simple game suddenly takes on new colors. In addition, it is a good way to […]

GPD Win Max is the smallest gaming laptop in the world

The Chinese company Shenzhen GPD Technology (Hong Kong), specializing in the creation of ultra-miniature PC gaming, introduced the console Win Max. Compared to predecessors, Win Max has a number of significant advantages: the surface is more smooth, instead of large colored buttons with text, the developers offered the black keys with colored engraved letters with […]

Graphene has perfectly coped with the protection of the pipes from bacterial corrosion

Graphene continues to amaze scientists with its “talents”: in the near future it can be used in the fight against bacterial corrosion of metal pipes. In wastewater treatment plants widespread sulphate reducing bacteria, which live in colonies in the form of biofilms on the surface of pipes and other equipment. Within 10 days after cleaning, […]

Diamond nanowires store energy three times more efficient than Li-Ion batteries

Scientists from the University of Queensland (Australia) have designed a new storage device, which is based on the… spring. Only in this case it is made of highly innovative material – the diamond nanowires. Yet there are only a small samples of this material, but in the near future when the production of yarns will […]

How to turn on a video conference in any celebrity

New filter Avatarify support DeepFake allows video conferencing participants to try on the face of the almost any famous person, living or dead, from the Mona Lisa to Steve jobs and Elon musk. In fact, Avatarify uses an algorithm that can overlay the face of a celebrity on the face of the user in real-time. […]

Artificial intelligence Fujitsu cope with the management of the Tokyo port better people

Future intelligent systems are not mobile gadgets, and in the reorganization of complex and large-scale processes in the economy. Among the first to solve the logistics tasks according to Japanese authorities every year in the extremely busy Tokyo Bay occurs 280 emergency situations. With the aim to prevent them since last year works here Fujitisu […]

Vending machines with vegetables and meat replacing stores during the quarantine

Pandemic COVID-19 and universal quarantine has exposed the vulnerability of food systems in developed countries. Previously, almost the entire crop is bought up by large companies and wholesale quantities supplied to the trading network and public catering system. Now when closed, and supermarkets and restaurants, people are looking for ways to buy products at retail, […]

Over the Great Barrier reef conducted a unique experiment on lightening clouds

Over the Great Barrier reef in Australia was held the first stage of an ambitious experiment to “whiten the clouds”. Scientists hope that in the future will be able to protect corals from the devastating effects of global warming. The essence of the experiment consisted in an attempt to cool the water around the reef, […]

Google is preparing to launch its own payment smart card

Insider information indicates that Google is close to releasing its own payment card. A key feature of the new items in the prefix “smart”, it will be not simply similar to a Bank card, and multifunctional tool. Some analysts saw the news direct desire Google to compete with similar Apple Card, and in the near […]

The lightest submarine in the world can be transported in a normal car

A reputed manufacturer of submarines U-Boat Worx (the Netherlands) introduced the world’s lightest underwater vehicle – Nemo. To the shore for subsequent dives it can be delivered on a conventional trailer, and then towed to the place of immersion on the boat or small yacht. Nemo height of only 155 cm and weighing 2500 kg […]

Not to pay, enthusiast built his own Switch Nintendo from available parts

Nintendo Switch is very popular all over the world, but because of the situation with coronavirus access to it became restricted. The product still is in some stores, but many speculators decided to take a moment and raised prices. A user with the nickname sarbaaz37 resented this arrangement and argued with friends that will create […]

The participants of the project for combating coronavirus accidentally created the most powerful supercomputer in the history

Despite admitted at the beginning of the pandemic error, humanity took the initiative, and simultaneously with the direct suppression of coronavirus sets new records. A project to create medicines from the coronavirus [email protected] reports about the growing number of participants to 700 000, and its total computational capacity now is 2.4 exaflops. This is more […]

Specific scents and disable the accumulation of fat in the body

American scientists from research institutions Baylor”s Huffington Center in Houston has established the existence of a link between odor perception and the way fat accumulates in the body. They emphasize that not yet understand the nature of this connection, but it is obvious that the diet and the smell of the food here is nothing […]

Apple starts selling wheels for Mac Pro for the price of a new iPhone

Now Apple sells wheels and legs for the acclaimed Mac Pro 2019 in the form of separate kits. But, like the Mac Pro, both are quite (if not fantastic) expensive. If your Mac Pro is on the standard legs, and you want easier mobility, set Mac Pro Wheels Kit for $ 699 will give you […]

Facebook will send you a notification if you lannate fake article about COVID-19

The discovery of the virus Sars-CoV-19, which became the cause of a pandemic, gave rise to many conspiracy theories. In particular, is becoming more popular strange theory of “guilt” towers 5G, supposedly spreading the infection. This led to the fact that they are increasingly becoming victims of vandals. Facebook was actively involved in the fight […]