Coursera has opened free access to 3800 of its online courses

Online platform Coursera provide free 3800 of its courses for people who lost their jobs during a pandemic coronavirus. The initiative is part of the training programme for civil servants Coursera for Government. According to the blog post, Coursera, the organization aims to help communities to improve professional skills for re-employment. However, to apply for […]

Termogalvanic facilities gel cools and recharges the battery simultaneously

A group of scientists from China conducted a successful experiment to test new material – termogalvanic facilities of the gel. It was specifically designed to eliminate Achilles ‘ heel of modern lithium-ion batteries, which become very hot during operation. The idea is not just to reduce excessive heat, and immediately turn it into electricity. Now […]

Crazy sphere Eight360 Nova is the best simulator for virtual reality

If not pandemic COVID-19, a wider audience will be met with the Nova platform from start-up Eight360 for a month or two before. On the other hand, a General quarantine even gave the project a service, as many people became interested in electronic races with the most realistic physics of the process. And the Nova […]

Irish scientists fighting with bronze swords in the name of science

A team of scientists from Ireland are unable to come to consensus on the use of ancient bronze swords and decided to find the truth in a practical experiment. They ordered a set of replicas of swords and staged a series of fights, reconstructing various situations in battle. It is noted that none of the […]

Portable sanitizer instantly sterilize any surface by cold plasma

A team of professors and engineers from the University of Michigan have developed a futuristic device to kill germs with cold plasma. It looks like a device from the future – a small stick which breaks is deadly to all living things beam. The development has already received an emergency grant from the National science […]

Droplet glass Prince Rupert breaks a flying bullet pieces

Enthusiasts from the portal Smarter Every Day conducted an interesting experiment with a known physical phenomenon called “the drop of Prince Rupert”. This product is made of glass, which is formed when the glass mass is allowed to drain into a container of water. The result is a thickening with a long tail, which is […]

Compact oven Rocketboil ready to work on any conceivable fuel

On Kickstarter appeared a project “rocket furnace” Rocketboil. Her work is based on two principles – the post-combustion of the wood gases released during the combustion (pyrolysis) and the free flow of gases through the channels due to the natural draft of the chimney. Oven Rocketboil omnivorous. To melt, amiss, dry wood, leaves, twigs, pine […]

Tiny “nanomachine planes” will soon be high in the Martian sky

In the near future is likely to be launched first Martian helicopter, but will it be the sense of it, if the machine goes down? After all, it exists in a single copy. Now scientists are looking for possible alternative to costly and resource-intensive units – so on light there was a fleet of tiny […]

How to save millions of dollars, just by moving the wiper of the aircraft

Strategic flying tanker KC-135 Stratotanker is an absolute veteran of the U.S. air force, adopted in the distant 1954. Suffice it to say that the “youngest” of them this year will be 55 years old. During this time, flying tankers has experienced many upgrades, but recently the specialists of the air found an incredibly simple […]

Robot Spot goes to hospitals to help in the fight against COVID-19

For over ten years, Boston Dynamics develops his Robo-dog Spot. With the development of the company it is becoming more universal helper in different fields of work, from inspection of construction sites to work on the oil rigs. Now the company said that the last couple of months she worked on turning the Spot into […]

Japanese traditional baths open its doors in virtual reality

Coronavirus pandemic has severely hit tourism industry, including in Japan. According to Japanese newspaper the Mainichi Shimbun, ninety percent of Ryokan (Inns in traditional Japanese style – approx. ed Techcult) in the famous Spa town with hot springs, ARIMA was closed earlier this month, when the Hyogo Prefecture declared a state of emergency. In response […]

Small ergonomic console will replace the writers notebook

A decade of constant writing fraternity affiliation was the typewriter that in the era of computers changed the laptop. However, if the long hours spend typing, and the laptop appear some inconveniences. In particular, it needs to be installed at a certain height, comfortable for hands and neck. Research on the creation of special devices […]

Game Matheminecraft teaches children difficult math with Minecraft

Mathematician David Strutt from EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland) developed the game on the basis of engine Minecraft to teach children mathematical ideas, which are usually not taught in school. He took the “Euler cycle” – a classical puzzle, which implies the most important for electronics graph theory. Only here, instead of boring calculations to be […]

Wireality technology makes virtual objects real and tangible

A rather large Arsenal of technical means to simulate haptic sensations in virtual reality have added to the original innovation. Technology called “Wireality” is the development of a team of researchers from the University Carnegie Mellon (USA). They decided to use the weight of your own body of a human and a system of ropes […]

Estonia has developed a robotic fire new generation

Firefighting is an extremely dangerous form of human activity associated with the enormous risk to life. Of particular danger are fires in large warehouses and chemical plants, followed by the release of large amounts of toxic smoke. To relieve firefighters from the risk of death will help robots. The Estonian company Milrem Robotics and Dutch […]

This site will destroy itself if it ceases to be a new record

The Internet is full of zombie sites: long abandoned all the forums, product pages that once were novelties, announcements of cultural events… this website otherwise: if no one will publish it within 24 hours, it’ll delete itself, leaving only a goodbye error message. The website This Website Will Self-Destruct and provides visitors with a simple […]

Intel NUC 9 Extreme – the new king among compact gaming PC

The Intel NUC line has always attracted the attention of users. It is a powerful minicomputer measuring just 238 x 216 x 96 mm designed for enthusiasts who prefer the compactness. Compared to previous models slightly increased dimensions of the Intel NUC 9 may seem a step backwards. However, it is still considerably less than […]

How to celebrate a historic 50th Earth Day online

22 April 2020 passed the 50th anniversary Earth Day – an annual celebration in the name of Pro-environmental behaviours. In 1970, about 20 million Americans first got together and demanded to devote more attention to the protection of our fragile planet. Since then, environmental activists around the world gather every year to celebrate this day. […]