Google Stadia for two months opens free access to premium mode

In connection with the pandemic coronavirus Google has launched a new mode in the game project Stadia. Now do not need any invitation codes, just Inbox Gmail and any controller. After registration you can immediately start playing, without the monthly fees and other conditions. Simultaneously with the introduction of free running, and “quarantine action” – […]

Bigipedia battery collects the energy of the electric bacteria

In nature there are bacteria that can produce electricity, and this property can be successfully applied in fuel cells of new generation. However, to date, all attempts of such use were not successful. Now the situation has changed radically – researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) has managed to create a “biohybrid” system inside […]

NASA wants to turn a lunar crater in the largest radio telescope in history

NASA has given a grant to study the concept of extraterrestrial radio telescope of unprecedented proportions. The special team received $125 thousand and the time until the end of the year to check all the conditions and facts and to prepare a plan for such a project. If he succeeds, it promises a breakthrough in […]

The enzyme from bacteria mutants destroys the plastic waste in just a few hours

As reported by the Guardian, a team of researchers of the company Carbios has created an enzyme secreted by the bacteria mutated and is able to destroy plastic bottles in just 10 hours. The unique technology was created in collaboration with Pepsi and LOreal. The enzyme decomposes plastic waste on the individual chemical components, which […]

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of attraction scent of petrichor

It turns out that not only we, the people, the aroma of moist earth and recent rain seems attractive. The smell that bears his own name petrichor comes from organic compounds geosmin produced by the microbes – including bacteria-Streptomyces (Streptomyces). It is known that the Streptomyces secrete a substance when they die, and that different […]

Scientists found a simple way of making paints from graphene

During its existence, graphene has established itself as a versatile material with unique properties. However, it does have a disadvantage, the “unwillingness” to dispersed, that is, crushed to a state of dispersion, which in turn prevents the creation on its base paints and inks. Researchers at the University of Umea (Sweden) found a relatively easy […]

Magnetic brain stimulation shows stunning success in the treatment of depression

In 2008 scientists from Stanford (USA) has received government approval for the use of technology magnetic stimulation of certain lobes of the human brain to treat depression. Since then, they have leaped forward recently published a report on clinical trials of new techniques, which of sparing became quite aggressive. But the effect is striking – […]

Disney animators have created a new cartoon from the comfort of home

Disney animator Hyrum Osmond and actor Josh Gad joined to create a new series of short films on YouTube. “At home with Olaf” – a collection of comic stories about a favorite character Gad from the cartoon “the Cold heart”. The first episode of written by Gad, who voiced the irrepressible snowman in both movies, […]

Smart mirror-Forme Life trainer will help you get in shape during the isolation

To the extent that, as more and more people are in the mode of self-isolation because of the pandemic of the mers business offers them new options useful pastime. One of them is a smart mirror Forme Life with built-in workouts, designed by renowned industrial designer Yves Behar. Forme Life has a hidden system to […]

Harsh physics: what will be like a trip to another planet

Popular science YouTube channel called “the Action Lab” published a review with video examples of how gravity on different planets would affect the earth’s mechanisms. For intuitive visualization they took the model of a conventional pickup truck with the engine which is engineered for movement on the surface of the Earth, acceleration of free fall […]

In fruit peel was found a substance that helps in the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an incurable chronic autoimmune disease, which affects millions of people around the world. The cause is still unknown. We only know that at some point the immune system begins to attack the protective sheath of nerve endings, composed of myelin, and destroy them. The result affects the nervous system responsible for […]

Pandemic and quarantine has spawned a new kind of trolling: summoming

While some miss in forced isolation, others are working even more than usual. In the case of schools and universities to the task of training or work is added to the process and organization of online conferences where you have to gather all those involved and to eliminate the unnecessary. And then the user suddenly […]

Top 5 robots that help to fight coronavirus

In the fight against the epidemic the best way – to resolve the contacts between people. In this humanity now help robots that take part of the important task in the field of medicine. Top 5 representatives of the world of machines that help to combat the pandemic. 1. Robot sanitizer UVD A fully Autonomous […]

Nuclear bombs helped to first establish the true age of the whale sharks

It is well known that the age of trees can be determined by annual rings. The animal world is different, so scientists have to resort to different methods of age estimation. So, in a recent study the largest fish in the world – the whale shark scientists from the Australian Institute of marine Sciences under […]

Case castAway will add a second full screen of any smartphone

Smart phones “clamshell” with two screens becoming more popular. There’s a simple explanation: the second screen turned out to be really not excessive. Startup company castAway was offered a somewhat unusual option of getting the coveted second screen function which assumes the case of the smartphone. Screen castAway, you can open several applications to copy/paste […]

Inquisitive youtuber found a way to record video on an old cassette

Utuber Chris Slika interested released back in 80-ies of the DIY kits from toy manufacturer Fisher-Price. He was allowed to record video on a conventional cassette tape recorders. This method is not quite practical, but not trivial. The Fisher-Price PXL-2000 was a black-and-white video camera to which the medium is attached to a standard audio […]