Hummingbirds see colors that we cannot imagine

“We, the people, in comparison with birds about as color-blind against people with normal vision,” says evolutionary biologist Mary Caswell from Princeton University (USA). In our eyes there are only three kinds of photosensitive cones to respond to blue, red and green. And those same hummingbirds have another type of cone, for communication with the […]

In Norway found a Board game that was played by the ancient Romans 1700 years ago

During the excavation of the burials in Norway, archeologists found a Board game that was played by the ancient Romans about 1,700 years ago. Ludus latrunculorum – so it is called – consists of 19 parts, including elongated bones, which is more similar to writing instruments, than the usual dice we use today. This game […]

Company Rezvani is preparing to launch three-axle SUV-monster Hercules

Based in Irvine, California, company Rezvani introduced an updated version of the 1000-strong TANK X – SUV Hercules 6×6 with three axles (the previous version was biaxial). The teaser of the SUV, the Titan company has posted on its Internet website and page in Instagram. Photo novelties made intentionally mysterious: Shine in the darkness only […]

Orbital satellite that picked up the green lights on Mars

It turns out that Mars, which has long been called the red planet, may well be a Green planet. Astronomers at the University of Liege (Belgium), using the mission ExoMars TGO satellite, recorded in the atmosphere of Mars green glow. A similar glow occurs regularly in the Earth’s atmosphere during the Northern lights, which are […]

New AI is able to reconstruct the human portrait from a set of pixels

Legendary cinematic intelligence tool that allows a blurred image to get a detailed photo, just became so unbelievably close to reality. Researchers from Duke University (USA) have developed an algorithm PULSE, which is of much pixelization pictures creates photo-realistic portrait. Engaged in this special artificial intelligence. This AI is a kind of generative adversarial networks, […]

Austrian engineers have created an edible robot

Robotics at the University of Linz (Austria) under the leadership of Martin Kaltenbrunner found a new use for soft robots… making them edible. Simulating real organisms, they can, for example, to deliver drugs to animals. Kaltenbrunner and his colleagues have created a Biogel of safe food ingredients (in particular, gelatin and citric acid), which is […]

CO2 has learned to transform into useful synthesis gas for the needs of industry

The School of chemical engineering at the University of New South Wales (Australia) has developed a technology for producing synthesis gas from CO2. Australian scientists were interested not in the process itself, and how from a simple source of raw materials to make a number of challenging and useful materials. Or, in fact, process emissions […]

Games Google Stadia is now available on all Android smartphones

Games Google Stadia were unavailable for many gamers, due to various constraints. Among them were some users of Android smartphones, whose gadgets are incompatible with applications Stadia. Now all these restrictions have been lifted. Google experiment opens support for any Android smartphone users can install the application Stadia and play for free. Thus Google invites […]

Scientists still can’t figure out how to work this old video game

Older programs and, in particular, video games can be a valuable source of lost knowledge. The developers of the days of the Atari 2600 were constantly ran into hardware limitations, so they had to use ingenuity in creating unique software solutions. Some are so simple and paradoxically at the same time incomprehensible that baffled even […]

In a Slovenian cave put on display three exceedingly rare “baby dragon”

In one of the caves of Slovenia put on display of three “baby dragon” – Proteus, which hatched here in 2016. Access to rare amphibians only open to 30 visitors a day. Proteas are ancient amphibians are predators who live to a hundred years and produce offspring once a decade. In the Postojna cave in […]

Technology Lamphone will allow you to eavesdrop on a conversation using normal bulbs

Researchers from the University of Ben-Gurion (Israel) developed a method for the recovery of a conversation by observing the usual friendly technology called “Lamphone”. As it turned out, when hit by sound waves on the surface of the bulb creates vibrations, causing microscopic fluctuations of light. Hanging from the ceiling light simultaneously acts as a […]

In China found a fantastically ancient figurine of a bird from the Stone age

In the vicinity of modern Beijing is a place Linssen, where in the course of archaeological works found a tiny statuette of a bird. After years of research in the scientific institutions of the four countries were able to establish the age of DIY. He is 13.2-13.4 thousand years, which takes us to the Early […]

Gadget Rewind We Are reviving the good old cassette players

Vinyl, seemingly irretrievably lost in the past, experienced a “second birth” in the hands of DJs. According to the businessman Romain Budrach and its partners, good old cassette player no less worthy of reincarnation is true, in light of modern technological realities. To create the device We Are Rewind command Badruka inspired watching the nostalgic […]

The ancient ancestors of crocodiles reached 4 meters and moved on two legs

In the formation of Jinju in South Korea found fossilized footprints that have the scientific community to a standstill. They date from the period 110 to 120 million years ago, have a length of 18-24 cm and all the signs belong to the ancient species of crocodiles. However, scientists have found only traces of the […]

Israeli scientists have found a way to get energy from plants

Israeli scientists reported that they had found a method of producing hydrogen from plants. They hope that new technology will allow the use of plants as a source of energy. The discovery was made in the laboratory of tel Aviv University, in the experiment, the researchers used microalgae. “To connect any device to the power […]

Prompt Ascento took the best of wheeled and walking robots

Robot walkers are very nimble and agile – they are able, for example, to climb ladders. At the same time, their wheeled counterparts, faster and less complicated. New robot Ascento took the best from both classes – he had two powerful legs with a wheel on each. Ascento developed at the Polytechnic Institute ETH in […]

In Saudi Arabia developed a wireless data transfer system under water – Aqua-Fi

As you know, radio waves propagate poorly underwater, which makes it hard to link divers and submarines when sending information to the surface. In 2018, the graduate student of University of science and technology named after king Abdullah (KAUST) Abdullah al-Halafi and his supervisor Basim of Shihada developed a system of underwater wireless optical communication […]

Two-wheeled robot Ascento 2 showed miracles balancing

The group of student engineers from ETH Zurich (Switzerland) managed to brilliantly solve the fundamental problem: how to teach a wheeled machine to climb the stairs? Their development, second generation robot Ascento, has two limbs, crowned wheels. But they can work in feet – the robot rolls on flat terrain and easy jumps obstacles. The […]

Usual coffee table turned into a full-fledged game controller

Swiss designer Lava Halten managed to combine two completely different according to the purpose of the subject in one coffee table and arcade controller. It looks like a normal coffee table, under table tops which stick out two metal handles with plastic knobs. To reveal his secret need to pull the handle connected to a […]

The company Rocketbook has released the refillable paper notebook Flip

Rocketbook has introduced a new refillable Notepad Flip. It is intended for use in schools, offices, and a good choice for drawing and maintaining personal records. Flip has a classic design with a spiral spring at the top and can connect to many cloud services, including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, iCloud and Slack. In […]