Perfume US company has developed a Cologne with the scent of outer space

As reported by CNN, CEO of Omega Ingredients Steve Pearce is working on the creation of the perfume “Eau de Space” with the smell of space. With this unusual project is available on Kickstarter, where about 4700 showed the interest of the subscribers have already collected 194 000 dollars. In the experiments the Pier brought […]

Google will allow you to see the digital dinosaurs in his apartment

It’s one thing to read about the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth in ancient times, and quite another to see the giant reptile in their front yard. Google made a surprise move and added 10 dinosaurs in augmented reality the results of its search engine. The next time you want to Google who the Brachiosaurus […]

Virgin Galactic will show the cockpit of his spaceship via YouTube

The company Virgin Galactic announced on July 28, a presentation of the internal structure of the device for tourist flights into space, SpaceShipTwo. Due to limitations associated with the pandemic, the show will take place in the virtual space, on YouTube. According to company representatives, the interior of the cockpit is the most important element […]

In the Japanese city Yamato banned the use of smartphones on the go

In the Japanese city Yamato just took an unusual present law prohibiting the use of smartphones while walking. The basis for this decision was the public recognition of the dangers of using smartphones while walking on the streets. Despite the seeming strangeness of such a ban, it was supported 240 000 inhabitants Yamato. Now on […]

New military SUV the US Army was redesigned Chevy Colorado pickup truck

The US army has decided on a new vehicle for rapid movement of troops in the combat area. They became military SUV ISV created on the basis of the average pickup truck Chevy Colorado. According to the publication Defense News, the army ordered GM Defense to produce by 2028 649 cars for 214 million dollars. […]

In the depths of the Pacific ocean found a previously unknown living creature

A vast area of the rift at the bottom in the Central Pacific ocean area of about 4.5 million sq km area known as the Clarion-Clipperton (CCZ), is considered the larder of rare metals and minerals. However, scientists have recently discovered here at a depth of 5 km previously unknown creatures. They belong to xenophyophores […]

The new nanomaterial has the strength of Kevlar and protects from fire

Researchers from Harvard have developed a new type of synthetic fiber that combines the best properties of Kevlar and Twaron. This yet unnamed material has a resistance to penetration of a firearm as Kevlar, but it is 20 times more heat resistant than Twaron. But most importantly, all these properties are implemented in one layer […]

First printed on a 3D printer pseudo-meat steaks will appear in 2021-om

After the lifting of restrictions due to quarantine COVID-19 restaurants in many countries have again started to work, therefore, returned the demand for pseudo-meat. According to analysts from Barclays over the next decade, this market could grow to $140 billion, which is a good stimulus for new players. One of them, an Israeli startup Redefine […]

The bike is Damon Hypersport can now be used as house battery

Mass electric transportation there are a variety of childhood diseases, and the most whimsical of them is designed for children and teenagers. They go and spend the energy too quickly, and therefore used only for short trips, and the bulk of the time idle. In the company of Damon decided that it was irrational, and […]

Wireless sensor glove will translate sign language into familiar words

A team of bioengineers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) has developed an electronic contactless glove that is able to convert the gestures into voice speech. The glove is equipped with electric sensors stretching from a special material that run the entire length of the fingers, tracking their movement. The system is complemented […]

The electronic spray will turn to touch any surface

Rotospray (ProtoSpray) – a new touch display, created at the intersection of 3D printing and the coating of electronic technology by scientists at Bristol University (UK). The video shows how ProtoSpray works when spraying on the cube, hemisphere and a flexible tube in the form of a möbius strip, demonstrating the flexibility of the new […]

The legendary Damascus steel is now possible to print on a 3D printer

Engineers from the max Planck Society in düsseldorf and the Institute for laser technologies Fraunhofer in Aachen (Germany) has developed a new technology for the creation of heterogeneous microstructures using 3D printing. To visualize their work, they printed an analogue of the famous Damascus steel. It’s not a billet for weapons, about the outstanding performance […]

Thousands of years the Indians of North America smoked not tobacco

It is believed that Smoking on the North American continent originated 5,000 years ago and eventually became the most important attribute of all social and religious activities of indigenous peoples. However, it is the tobacco for these purposes began to be used not later than 500 years ago. The answer to the question that smoked […]

Smart mask from Japan can talk to your phone and to work as a translator

It is no secret that conventional protective mask has become a pandemic in the fashion industry, one of the most popular accessories – and the development of new technologies did not want to stay on the sidelines. So, the engineers of the Japanese Robotics startup Donut has managed to turn it into a modern technological […]

Singer Akon launches the construction of its own cryptoguard in Senegal

13 Jan 2020 year pop singer was senegalo-American Akon (Akon) announced that it will soon begin the construction in Senegal of their city with an area of 2000 acres. The city will be built near the capital of the state of Dakar in the area, donated Akono President Maki Sully. The most intriguing part of […]

Scientists have captured on video how the brain gets rid of dead neurons

Daily in the human body die tens of billions of cells, which is a natural part of his life. The biodegradable waste will be disposed of, clearing the way for new cells. As this process takes place with the neurons of the brain, for the first time saw researchers from Yale school of medicine (USA). […]

Scientists have discovered a new species of spider with the color of the famous Joker

Unusual spider discovered in Iran by a group of scientists from the University of Turku (Finland) under the leadership Alireza Zamani. It is distinguished by red-and-white pattern on the back, very reminiscent of the famous Hollywood makeup kinologija the Joker in the performance of Joaquin Phoenix. In honor of the actor of the new spider […]

New car radar can easily see the obstacle right around the corner

At Princeton University (USA) team under the leadership of Professor Felix Heide has developed a prototype radar devices that can track the objects located around the corner from the observer, outside of direct visibility. This technology is intended for ground transportation, it gives an opportunity to detect an obstacle on the road to an intersection. […]