Physicists have learned to turn plastic bottles in supercapacitors

Scientists from the University of California, riverside have developed a technology to produce components for supercapacitors from regular waste. We are talking about polyethylene terephthalate or PET, which is made most of plastic bottles. This material is from an economic point of view is significantly superior to high-tech raw materials, like graphene or carbon nanotubes. […]

Looks like a screwdriver of the XXI century

Recently Techcult wrote about the drill of the XXI century with a touchscreen and lasers. But the screwdriver is traditionally considered to be more simple, reliable and very straightforward tool. What similar high-tech screwdriver advanced Italian production? And it is similar to the Kinetic device Driver. Kinetic Driver designed by the Italian designer Giacomo Di […]

Our Solar system is most similar to space croissant

The sun emits powerful electromagnetic winds that envelop the planet in our solar system like a giant bubble. This magnetic bubble is called the heliosphere and protects the planet from dangerous space radiation. Scientists have long believed that the heliosphere is in the form of a comet – with a distinct nose and long flowing […]

Some homemade masks turned out to be more dangerous than no

Despite the fact that the industry has recovered from the shock of the first days of the pandemic COVID-19 and now produces enough facial masks of different types, most people in the world due to various reasons use homemade versions. Everyone understands that they are less effective than professional medical model, but the question is: […]

Under this small iron hatch is the deepest hole of our planet

In the spring of 2020, the authorities of the Murmansk region, where geographically the Kola superdeep borehole, has announced plans to turn this monument of science into a full-fledged tourist site. Easy to say, but difficult to do – the building has been destroyed and looted, and the mine is like an iron disk, bolted […]

3D-printed ceramic tiles will save coral reefs from extinction

For many years coral reefs are under threat of extinction. The solution to this problem was proposed by scientists from Hong Kong University. Using the technology of 3D printing, they have created a special mosaic tiles to be placed on the bottom of shallow areas. As a result you can create a structure that resembles […]

Headset Ghost Pacer will create a partner for training in augmented reality

Sport is about overcoming your weaknesses and implementation of new achievements, but if you have no one to look up to, no one to compete, the interest and exercise performance plummeting. To remedy this situation, the startup Ghost Pacer has developed a virtual opponent on the run, which competes with the user in augmented reality, […]

Anker has released a mobile game console and powerbank in one gadget

Anker company, known for its powerbanks, cables and charging accessories has released an unusual gadget PowerCore Play 6K. In fact, it game controller for smartphones – but it has no buttons, and hidden inside the battery is 6700 mAh and a fan for active cooling. It is compatible with all iOS and Android phones with […]

In DNA some people are genes of unknown to the science of ancient man

A recent study of the genomes of the two most famous types of ancient humans – Neanderthals and denisovans – discovered new previously unknown ancestor of modern man. There is a possibility that this unidentified ancestor in fact belonged to Homo erectus, which is believed to have been extinct for over 100 thousand years ago. […]

Right next to us lives a young star aged only 33 years

February 24, 1987, sudden cosmic explosion shook the astronomical community. This event, called “Supernova 1987A” (SN 1987A) was the most closest to the Earth supernova observed since the invention of the telescope. SN 1987A exploded in the Large Magellanic Cloud, located about 170 000 light years from Earth. It was so bright that observers were […]

Nissan allowed the owners of electric vehicles to pay for Parking energy

If Nissan will continue to move in this direction, the owners of electric vehicles will soon not have to pay Parking money – if only there was a reserve in their car. The automaker has opened in Yokohama exhibition hall, in which electric cars Leaf, Ariya and their brethren unable to pay for a Parking […]

Breakthrough: scientists were able to record the info in synthetic molecules

In theory, storage and transmission of information any material, medium or thing, in which you can implement the specified sequence of parameters. This battle signal the drums, and Morse code and binary code in the chip. And recently, scientists have created a synthetic molecule, new substance, in the structure of which the recorded information. One […]

Mars went “robot tree”, which will engage in production of oxygen

July 30 from Cape Canaveral to Mars went the rocket with the Rover Perseverance. The Rover will take to the Red planet, a whole set of advanced equipment, including high resolution cameras and the first Martian helicopter. Many of these tools are designed to explore the possibility of colonization of Mars by humans. For example, […]

Stylish liquid guitar change colour in a matter of minutes

Usually, when a musician wants to change the color of the body of his beloved guitar, you have to use a paint set for: sander, brushes, paint and more. It takes a lot of time and meticulous work. By Bryan Guitars decided to find a way that would facilitate this task. And after 30 years […]

Yamaha showed a concept of innovative water actuator for motorcycles

In 2016, the Yamaha became the sponsor of the graduation project, which eventually evolved into the concept of a motorcycle with an innovative drive. It is based on water or similar liquid. Fresh rumors indicate towards the development of a functional prototype. Confirmation or denial is not followed, therefore, should focus on the technology itself. […]

Take five minutes of your time prevention tunnel syndrome

We are not always given to this process is fairly attention – but very actively use our hands throughout the day. However, we have very little time to dedicate to train them and provide them with useful and varied load. As a result of prolonged repetition of monotonous movements in the extremities develops carpal tunnel […]