Talking about photos Jennifer aniston engagement ring from brad pitt at the ceremony SAG Awards 2020

If you, like us, are closely watching the relationship Jennifer aniston and brad pitt, then just remember their warm welcome at the ceremony SAG Awards in January this year. Then the former wife gently greeted each other, and the actor didn’t even want to let go of ex-wife. However, one caveat we seem to have missed — as reported by the newspaper the Mirror, that night, on the finger of the actress was wearing a ring worth 500 thousand dollars, which she gave to pitt in 1999.

Fans considered the fact that aniston still kept the ring and wore it for the ceremony where exactly was supposed to be pitt, proof that stars associated if not romantic, then just warm and friendly feelings.

But the especially helpful part of Internet users said that this ring is only vaguely reminiscent of the engagement ring presented to Jennifer brad 20 years ago, and we are also inclined to this version. However, this does not negate the fact that the relations of the former spouses now really improved, what we personally are very happy!

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