Take five minutes of your time prevention tunnel syndrome

We are not always given to this process is fairly attention – but very actively use our hands throughout the day. However, we have very little time to dedicate to train them and provide them with useful and varied load. As a result of prolonged repetition of monotonous movements in the extremities develops carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition is well known to almost everyone who spends a lot of time at the computer, playing a musical instrument or engaged in some sports.

To fight with the tunnel syndromeam (including to engage in its prevention) need to give the muscles better various and unusual load. This can help the various simulators, such as The Ultimate FlexEx Hand Exerciser. It is a set of colored elastic bands with three load levels. The FlexEx helps to cope with the manifestations of arthritis, carpal syndrome and just allows you to warm up fingers after a long day of work. Three levels of resistance provide a suitable load for any task.

Tape the FlexEx is made of hypoallergenic elastic material and do not contain latex. The simulator does not occupy space, like the usual rings-the swimwear can be worn just in your pocket and exercise your fingers in a spare moment. To combat carpal tunnel syndrome does not have to buy The FlexEx – but it is a good example of a convenient simulator for this purpose.

The price of the gadget is $ 14.

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