Stylish liquid guitar change colour in a matter of minutes

Usually, when a musician wants to change the color of the body of his beloved guitar, you have to use a paint set for: sander, brushes, paint and more. It takes a lot of time and meticulous work. By Bryan Guitars decided to find a way that would facilitate this task. And after 30 years of family business, the company offered them a way out – a fluid-filled guitars.

Guitar from Bryan Guitars consists of a transparent plastic hull, filled with colored liquid inside. It is able to change its color in few minutes.

The liquid is absolutely safe, does not harm the environment, leaves no residue on the inside of the housing. Also, it can be used coloured oils that increase the color gamut.

Guitars made in the style of PETG with a double cutout on the housing. The mass of the prototype is 3.1-4 kg standard DC Model features a maple or rosewood fretboard with 22 frets, the neck is made of maple. The nut is made from synthetic material and are chrome-plated. To protect from damage by the mediator provided pichardi black and white. Case not included, the cost model starts at 549 dollars.

The Elite model is largely similar to the DC standard, but it is equipped with a tremolo system, has a greater number of colors for pichardo and comes with box. Its price starts from 849.

Tools will be filled with a fluid or oil of the same color. The contents of other colors can then be purchased directly from Bryan Guitars. The output of guitars in the market is expected in 2021.

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