Study: tocilizumab was not able to improve the condition of patients with the coronavirus

Roche presented data that in the clinical trial phase III COVACTA not achieved primary endpoint for clinical improvement in hospitalized adult patients with severe pneumonia caused by COVID-19. Secondary endpoints, including differences in mortality in patients in the fourth week, was not reached; however, it was observed a positive trend in reduction of time to discharge from hospital in patients receiving tocilizumab.

COVACTA the study was conducted in cooperation with the Office of advanced biomedical research and development (BARDA) of the Ministry of health and social services. The estimated parameters of safety and effectiveness intravenous form tocilizumab in addition to standard therapy in comparison with the regime placebo plus standard therapy. The primary endpoint was clinical status in adult hospitalized patients with severe pneumonia caused by COVID-19. She was determined on a scale of a clinical condition that includes 7 categories, including the necessity of receiving intensive care and/or ventilator, as well as additional oxygen demand. COVACTA is the first international randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical phase III study on the use of the drug tocilizumab in adult hospitalized patients with severe pneumonia caused COVID-19, which was conducted in clinical centers in the United States, Canada and Europe.

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