Sterilizer ITFIT from Samsung will decontaminate and recharges your smartphone

For obvious reasons, now we need to know what the various objects that we touch, does not carry any viruses. Smartphones have long been one of the dirtiest items that we use every day. That’s why Samsung decided to develop them for portable UV sterilizer ITFIT. It not only kills 99% of microorganisms in 10 minutes, but recharges the phone itself.

ITFIT box accommodates even the huge Galaxy S20 Ultra – sterilized but it can be any of the items. To the power supply box is connected via the USB cable C. however, the built-in 10-watt charger Qi allows you to charge headset, wireless headphones, smart watches and other gadgets directly during sterilization.

Samsung does not claim directly that ITFIT able to kill the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, but recent studies indicate that shortwave UV bulb to kill over 99.9% of airborne of coronaviruses.

At the moment ITFIT only available in Thailand at a price of about $ 50. Soon he, most likely, will be in stores and all the other countries.

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