Step away from the Formula 1 track will be built luxury residential complex Escapade Silverstone

At the end of the current year in close proximity to the famous British race track Silverstone will begin construction of residential units for fans outside the box to spend the weekend. By analogy with a beach holiday facilities are located on the “front line”, just a few metres from the fence of the track. To watch the racing will be straight from my living room window or from the terrace.

The official name of the project “Escapade Silverstone”, he developed in the company Twelve Architects. As explained by the architects, they were inspired by the technique of “slipstream”, when the cars are clearly for each other with a minimum distance to minimize drag. Buildings like “dissolve” each other, but the territory is clearly delimited and measures were taken to preserve the privacy of the privacy of the visitors.

Plans to build 60 more buildings, the part in the forest area, the rest in the villages and among the hills, where a much better view of the area. All the houses have extensive glazing and plenty of space. It is not clear how they will decide noise isolation. Still, we are talking about watching a race, the high speeds and the roar of the world’s most powerful motors.

It is assumed that most of the residences will rent for those wishing to spend the weekend. Or for those who like to ride in between races customers Escapade Silverstone will get the chance to drive on professional race track in a private or rented cars. The opening of the complex is expected in 2022.

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