Startup Voyage produced a system for remote control cars

The startup Voyage of engineers designed and constructed a special “car without wheels” for the implementation of new technologies of remote driving, which is a continuation of previous developments – a remote control panel.

The startup team adapted the experience of real driving, in connection with its “ersatz-car”, since “gaming” version of the steering system does not provide the necessary feedback.

The heart of the development – the new software offering the operator the possibility of remote control of the connected car. Is responsible for the physical module Telessist Pod, which is a remote operator.

Telessist Pod is a metal cage the size of a Golf car with all the attributes of a control in a conventional car: the steering wheel, gas and brake pedals. The environment is displayed on computer monitors. Delay control commands in the system does not exceed 100 milliseconds.

In case of unexpected shutdown of the control channel in the action will immediately enter the system Remote Drive Assist which will take over the controls.

Driving safety ensures the high-tech braking system Shield – Voyage, set in the front of the car. The function of control over the roadway and the environment is exercised by the lidar. In case of danger of collision activates the brake system and the car stops.

Given the low speed of the remote-controlled cars Voyage (no more than 40 km/h) they are interested in a taxi service Villages in Florida.

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