Star gang: who Beckham wants to sign the inter Miami

“Inter Miami” is a new franchise in the MLS. The co-owner of the club David Beckham had a lot of obstacles on the way to creating a team and building a stadium, but he overcame them. Now it’s time to do the composition. “Inter Miami” is a new team, which increased interest in her in the United States. But if you do not lead the club famous players, all about him will be quickly forgotten, especially in a country where most valued shows.

Now the most expensive player in the “inter Miami” – 26-year-old attacking midfielder Rodolfo Pizarro. His estimated transfer fee is 8 million euros. Mexican enough is known at home, but in the United States – is unlikely. Inter need star players – how to gain and business advancement. Beckham understands this and has looked after 5 of the players who, in his opinion, will lead the club to a new level in all components. About them now and talk.

James Rodriguez

The Colombian could not find a place. In the first year after moving to Bayern on loan from James went well. But of the 2018/19 season, he received much less playing time. Return to “the real” has only exacerbated the situation of the player. Rodriguez has even risks losing its place in the national team of Colombia as he was warned Carlos Caros.

The James is 1 year contract with real Madrid. Given this fact, the “Royal club” will try to sell the Colombian in the offseason. The applicants already have. One of them – “inter Miami”. According to Goal, Beckham already had contact with the President “creamy” Florentino Perez. Co-owner of “inter Miami” is very interested in signing Rodriguez. In its transition the Englishman sees the first commercial benefit.

The James claim, and Everton, who had offered the midfielder a 4-year contract. To get a Colombian wants a mentor “butterscotch” Carlo Ancelotti. Specialist wanted to reunite with ex-players back in Napoli, but failed. Now he wants to take him to Everton. Media believe the club from Florida the favorite in the fight for Rodriguez. As the main argument given by the good relations between Beckham and Perez. But Ancelotti is also not a stranger to the President of real Madrid. In this situation, it seems that the decisive factor is the desire of the player.

Luka Modric

From the beginning, the situation with the future of Modric still uncertain. On the one hand, the owner of the Golden ball has a serious competitor in the person of Federico Valverde, who gradually displaces him from the lineup. On the other, the midfielder is reluctant to leave the “Royal club”, and intends to finalize before the end of the contract runs until the summer of 2021. However, the Croat should consider the options to continue and, most likely, the end of a career outside of Madrid.

The services of Modric is seriously interested in “inter Miami”. The choice of Beckham in favor of age the midfielder is clear. First, Luke, even at 34 years old performing at a high level, he scores and gives assists. Secondly, Modric could become the second after Kaka with the Golden ball winner in MLS. One: the strengthening of the squad, and an experienced player in the locker room, and commercial success of the club.

“Inter Miami” back in February suggested the Croatian’s contract with the salary in 2 times more than in the “Real world”. The midfielder has still not responded to Beckham. Perhaps now is the time to think about the last big contract. To finish his career in Sunny Florida, earning about 20 million euros a year – not a bad option.

David Silva

Midfielder “Manchester city”, as described above, the midfielder of real Madrid in the summer will be spent on the last big contract. Silva himself has decided not to renew the agreement with the “citizens”. In regard to David increased attention from many clubs. The Spaniard has not yet made a decision on the further career, although variants have had enough.

Silva prefers to return to Spain. There it has good options, for example, Valencia. But the midfielder also will not regret if you choose “inter Miami”, which for several months trying to get him the best contract. In Florida there are many immigrants from South America. Beckham needed a stellar Spaniards and Hispanics to increase the interest of the local audience for their club. Besides, David might well earn in his career. Meanwhile, Silva has made himself the maximum restraint and not comment about his future.

Gonzalo Higuain

This season, Higuain receives the least amount of playing time since coming to Serie a in 2013-m to year. This can be partly attributed to the age of the player. But it is likely that Juventus ceases to rely on Gonzalo. The Argentine’s contract with the Turin club until the summer of 2021. Apparently, the new agreement Pipita not get it.

Recently there were rumors that Higuain does not want to return to Turin from Argentina. However, it’s more like agent manipulation. Manual “Juventus” it is hardly possible to frighten such allusions. Yes, and the father of the player said that his son intends to end the work contract with the “old lady”. After that Gonzalo wants to finish his career in his native “river plate”. But he has other options.

According to Calciomercato, “inter Miami” is interested in Iguana. Beckham would not be against signing an experienced striker who remembers since the days of joint appearances for real Madrid. MLS – not the fastest League, so the 32-year-old Gonzalo may ignite in Florida. In favor of his move overseas show and family ties. In the MLS for D.C. United in favor of its older brother Federico. He has previously been invited by a relative in the United States. Iguana definitely worth to consider the option of “inter Miami”, if there is such a proposal.

Alexis Sanchez

For Sanchez came the dark days. “Inter” is not going to leave Alexis and bring him back to Manchester. In the Manchester United player is also not calculated. United would be happy to sell the winger, as his contract will run until the summer of 2022. However, with the player no one wants to communicate because of his high wages. While the Manchester United there is no obvious buyer for the Chilean.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Sanchez is interested in “inter Miami”. Moreover, the club from Florida for a long time watching football. Sam Alexis in September last year, said that he had offers from the USA, including from American inter. But at that moment he did not want to leave Europe. The Chilean was confident that I could perform at a high level for another 5-6 years.

To date, Sanchez would have to reconsider the priorities. If it’s just about the money, Alexis could return to Manchester United, earn a good salary and to perform in the League Cup. But if the Chilean doesn’t want to completely ruin his career, then he now should accept the offer “inter Miami”, whatever it was. Besides, he has housing in the southern part of Florida, close to where the club is based. Sanchez sees itself in Europe, but the problem is that top clubs don’t see Alexis at home.


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