Spain will restore domestic tourism and will accept foreign guests

The Spanish government plans to restore domestic tourism and to open its borders to foreign tourists at the end of June. On 18 may RTVE said the transport Minister of Spain, josé Luis Abalos.

According to officials, a two-week quarantine, which was imposed last week for all visitors from abroad will be abolished along with the opening of travel restrictions within the country.

Abalos expressed hope that with the end of June in Spain, will restore tourism activities.

According to him, it will be tourism, “fully controlled from the hygienic point of view.” He explained that the working group, which focuses on areas such as the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, where health standards are “very positive” level, will soon offer possible solutions.

According to Business Insider, in Spain the tourism sector accounts for 12% of GDP. Because of the restrictions imposed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, the country could fall into a deep recession. According to the forecast of the Bank of Spain, the economy of the Kingdom in the current year may be reduced by 12.4% and the number of unemployed will exceed 5 million citizens with a total population of 47 million, according to the portal.

On 18 March, the EU leaders took the decision to close the external borders of the pandemic coronavirus. The economies of the countries of the European Union suffered great losses from the cessation of the flow of tourists.

After two months the restrictions of European countries to develop a plan of release from quarantine.

European Union countries agreed to resume tourism, 11 States have agreed rules that will allow Europeans to travelwithout fear of Contracting coronavirus. Among them Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Portugal, Malta, Slovenia and Bulgaria.

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