“Soon the whole village will qualify”. Lawyer Ephraim protested that in the case of an accident too many victims

In the comment to the edition “Evening Moscow” Pashayev said that “victims may be legally close relatives.”

“These are two son of legal wife. That is not an actual and legal, to whom he is not divorced. The mother of his two sons and his elder brother. The concubine with whom he actually lived is irrelevant. Have the right two sons and the mother of the sons. […] Soon the whole village will claim to be victims. Over my 20-year experience the first time I see that between relatives was such a struggle. In a criminal case is usually difficult to find even one person who will go to the courts and effects. But here was a tough battle. Soon the neighbor will claim in the hope that something will succeed”, – said the defender.

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Today’s “state” in Russian is a shameful euphemism. The state has long rotted from within and lies in the dust. We are held hostage by thieves and murderers

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