Sobyanin: Moscow has reached the minimum level of the incidence of coronavirus

In Moscow marked a minimum level of daily gain, infected with coronavirus, a further decline in these indicators should not wait, said mayor Sergei Sobyanin. According to him, due to the large number of residents and visitors from other regions, citizens cannot be expected that the incidence will decrease in the capital even more.

“We have reached a minimum level, below which the fall will not, because in Moscow millions of people, hundreds of thousands come from other regions, and, of course, to cherish the hope that we’ll go to zero on some minimal value, is hardly necessary. Therefore, in the coming weeks, in my opinion, will continue the same pattern as in the previous month, we will be in the corridor of newly detected cases in the area from, say, 650 to 700 plus or minus 50” he said.

According to the mayor of Moscow, the number of new cases of coronavirus in comparison with the peak incidence decreased by 10 times. The same situation is observed for hospitalization of patients with complications and the detection Coveney pneumonia.

Sergei Sobyanin added that to prevent a repeated outbreak will help with the flu and the production of vaccines against coronavirus.

“The situation may be complicated in the period of the increase of ARVI, flu and so on is a seasonal disease. To avoid this, you need to start earlier than in previous years, vaccination against seasonal influenza, and of course, waiting for the vaccine. If she shows up, and I hope it will appear in the coming months, begin to actively instill. And then we get such a stable platform, stable basis for perspective, for such a serious fight COVID” he said.

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