So our universe looks for those who are able to see x-rays

After six months of observation telescope eROSITA, created by specialists of the Institute for extraterrestrial physics, max Planck Society (Germany), made more than a million images of objects in our Universe in the x-ray spectrum. Among them are black holes that absorb matter, a small extinct dwarfs, neutron stars, and hot interstellar gas which emits x-ray glow.

According to scientists from the group of eROSITA, these first photographs allowed us to identify 2 times more x-ray sources, than in all the previous 50 years of existence, the “x-ray” astronomy. While they are 4 times further away than the objects detected over the last three decades.

Most of the points on the images eROSITA – supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies, the absorbing gas, which in the process is heated to such an extent that its glow can be seen in the farthest corners of the Universe.

The purpose of the project for a four-year term was to create a map with millions of visible galaxies. This will allow you to figure out how gravity connects them in giant clusters. In the course of the research, the scientists will also try to explain how a mysterious force – dark energy – despite the gravity pushes matter and accelerates the expansion of the Universe.

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