Snakeskin helped scientists to create swarzak sole for shoes

Two years ago scientists at Harvard University have copied the snakeskin texture to create a soft robot, which the movement was off from the ground, as snakes usually do. Now they adapted the technology to create a Shoe with a reinforced grip.

Developed in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) Shoe soles are in the form of flexible steel sheets carved with snake-like ornament. It consists of dozens of scales, manufactured by the technique of kirigami (Japanese art of making figures out of paper with scissors – approx. ed.

When such a sole is in the “rest”, it is flat and smooth. When a person begins the movement by moving your body weight from heel to toe, sole to deform and flake POPs out. This forms are required when walking surface coverage for the next push.

Such soles is much easier than special micrococci used by people for walking in icy conditions. They are also much easier to put on and remove from the Shoe. But most importantly, during the test, they are better than cats “cling” for the ice.

According to the developers, this “snake” addition to the sole would help primarily elderly and disabled people to avoid falls on slippery surfaces.

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