Smartphone HTC miner Exodus can “beat” a price for 170 years

The process of mining cryptocurrency is still not available to all. An attempt to solve this problem was made by the creators of the smartphone HTC Exodus, ordered a special app DeMiner for obtaining cryptocurrency Monero. In developing the app involved a canadian company Midas Labs, it will be launched in the second quarter of 2020.

According to a representative of Midas Labs Jerry Lee, HTC Exodus is mine $0,0038 Monero per day, which is, frankly, quite a bit. With such performance year will be able to earn only $1,387 – that is, to recoup the cost of buying the phone itself (about $ 237) will need 170 years of production excluding energy costs.

At this rate, hardly anyone will buy a smartphone as the real source of the cryptocurrency. The main idea of the developers other: mining, albeit quite tiny occurs during charging of the gadget. From the point of view of engineers from Midas Labs, relatively powerful smartphone processor consumes less energy than it receives. For example, the average laptop can get $0.06 of Monero in energy use of up to $0,156, at that time, like the HTC Exodus the profit will be 50 %.

Further, the use of smartphones for mining can lead to the creation of larger decentralized networks. This means that users of the blockchain-based smartphones will be able to complete transactions, without resorting to centralized services.

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