“Smart tattoo” in Google will transform your hand into a touch screen

Google has figured out how to replace the input tools commands to control different gadgets on the human body. We are talking about the technology of “smart tattoo”, which now represent a kind of wearable electronics.

The working title of the new “SkinMarks”, in its creation was attended by researchers from Carskogo University (Germany). They developed a special type of ink that react to their own deformation. For example, if you draw a line on your finger, and then bend it, the stretching of the skin will entice and paint particles – the line does not burst, but will become thinner. On one only the hands of man there are dozens of places where you can capture the deformation of the lines of the tattoo that makes them a universal tool for work.

But what would motivate users to paint yourself with tattoos? In Google they say that gestures fingers and hands easier, more natural and familiar all the other ways of giving commands. There is no problem to make a personal setting – to teach the system to accept different gestures as the user wishes. You try and you will like it, plus the tattoo is always with you and never needs recharging.

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