Smart system Sapple will monitor your health by using household appliances

Researchers from the laboratory of computer Sciences and artificial intelligence at mit (CSAIL) has created a wireless system, which studies how people use devices in their homes.

According to scientists, using data about how users manage their appliances, you can study their habits, health status, monitor the wellbeing of older people, promote saving of energy and even help the insurance companies assess the risks.

The system, called Sapple, uses a smart electricity meter and a wireless wall-mounted device that emits and monitors the radio signals to determine where currently the person is. CSAIL uses the same device for remote monitoring of patients with COVID-19. The sensors supply information to a machine learning model, which determines where and when to use a specific device.

At MIT say that one day these data will allow physicians to understand the ability of older people to perform everyday activities and give advice about healthy habits. However, at the same time there are some problems with privacy violation, so each will have to choose between the rational use of domestic appliances using sensors, and the fact that someone will get information about our life.

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