Smart ring Oura recognize the infection COVID-19 three days before the onset of symptoms

One of the most difficult problems in the confrontation with the coronavirus that a huge number of diseases are asymptomatic. Or people confuse them with something else and end up in the hospital with already advanced disease. Early diagnosis is an extremely effective measure against, and to this end the West Virginia University (USA) in cooperation with the Rockefeller Institute of neurobiology have developed a smart ring Oura.

Oura is a set of sensors in the housing in the form of a ring, for the convenience of continuous wear and monitoring. Ring tracks heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, sleep quality. Data arrives for processing in the cloud AI, which checks them for compliance with the patterns of infected people. After the introduction of the virus into the body and begins its incubation and task Oura to recognize the signs of this process before the virus will take hold and start destructive activities.

The tests showed that the ring was 90% probability to detect signs of infection three days before the first symptoms of the disease. This means that out of 1000 check as many as a hundred people may be undetected carriers of the virus. On the other hand, this limiter does not allow to rely on Oura as a reliable detector of the coronavirus, and because other methods of testing and prevention can not be undone.

Currently ring Oura are distributed to doctors who work with sick and all involved in their transport, maintenance, etc. of the Ring act as analogues personal dosimeters the workers of the nuclear industry, which must constantly carry with them as a signaling tool, and not ignoring other security measures. COVID-19 is not going anywhere in the near future, and therefore any means of prevention of disease will be extremely popular.

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