“Smart paint” will turn the armrest of your couch in the control panel

Imagine that you no longer need the control panels, and the manipulation menu of the TV is enough to Pat on the sofa on which you sit. Or to turn on the light in the room you can touch any place of the wall, not to find the switch. New sprayable sensor technology SprayableTech of scientists from MIT (USA) is just designed for these broader goals.

Work begins with the design of future management tool. As the system distinguishes between the mere fact of touching, then entering the specific values to use something like line – where the user is touching, such a parameter and transmitted. If it is a dimmer light, which can take four values, it is sufficient to draw four buttons and to bring to them the tracks that are close to the microcontroller. It interpretirovat touch in the team.

The pattern creates a special paint with a response to touch, which generate short electrical pulses. The pattern may be tiny or large, hidden or specially created for public spaces. There are no restrictions what to draw and what commands where to submit. For example, you can draw a protective line, the step which includes the sound of sirens. Or turn on extra lighting if at night someone sits down on a bench in the Park. The authors of the technology hope that with the help of artists and designers are able to create new, interactive architecture cities, where the whole environment will interact with the person.

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