Smart mask from Japan can talk to your phone and to work as a translator

It is no secret that conventional protective mask has become a pandemic in the fashion industry, one of the most popular accessories – and the development of new technologies did not want to stay on the sidelines. So, the engineers of the Japanese Robotics startup Donut has managed to turn it into a modern technological gadget – C-mask.

A feature of the C-mask is that it is worn over your regular mask, however, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth adapter, the user will be able to dictate messages and make calls. The system can also translate speech into different languages. This feature was originally developed for the Donut robot Cinnamon, however, it is activated only after subscribing to the service.

Another interesting feature of C-mask – able relay his voice through the phone, which is very important when wearing the mask, deafening voice. Probably this feature will be popular among teachers, schools and for events in the conference halls.

In the near future – before the end of the year in Japan will begin accepting pre-orders for the smart mask for the price of $ 40 apiece. Wishing to acquire C-mask in other countries now will have to wait.

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