Smart clothing made of graphene will cool in heat and warm in cold

Scientists from the University of Manchester (UK) has achieved new progress in the development of adaptive “smart” fabrics, which is based on graphene. The researchers decided to use its ability to change its parameter conductivity infrared radiation when applying a small electric current. During the research they managed to create a fabric, which can be switched between two States – on lock if radiation and its free transmission.

Initially it was about the heat disguise when using blocking fabric it would be possible to keep the infrared radiation of the human body inside the shell. And thus making it invisible to thermal imaging cameras. But the accumulated heat need somewhere to withdraw – so the idea arose to transform the cloak into a new type of cooling and warming clothes.

The pictures show a prototype “smart textiles”, which made the slice on the breast of the shirt. It switches between two modes, one of which provides free passage of IR radiation and removal of heat from the body, and the other blocks it. And, accordingly, warms or cools the body of its owner.

But the clothes are only one aspect of this technology. Scientists want to develop on the basis of its dynamic coverage for satellites that is constantly forced to move from space cold in the shadow of the Earth in an unprecedented heat when illuminated by the Sun, and so a cycle behind a cycle. For the equipment on Board is very difficult conditions, so it is quickly adaptable thermal protection are very much in demand.

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