Small spotted eels from Japan are lacking your attention

Social distancing had a negative impact on the spotted garden eels. Tokyo Sumida aquarium, which is home to a community of 300 eels, worried about their little inhabitants. By nature very shy, acne over the years of stay in the aquarium have adapted to the daily ritual when hundreds of human faces with interest pressed against the glass. However, after 1 March the aquarium is closed for visit, the staff observed changes in their behavior.

Because “social” load for spotted eels has changed, the habit to see the people beginning to be lost. Now, every time walking past employees of the aquarium, they get nervous and start to dig in the sand. In the wild, always careful acne and would do for any signs of threats. But in captivity, this behavior prevents staff and zoologists to monitor the state of their health.

For this reason, the Sumida aquarium has organized the “festival of the Face Show” and implores the audience to help. The staff has set up five displays around the aquarium, and now people can hold a FaceTime conversation with spotted eels, looking at them with these screens. Calls in five minutes you can make between 10:00 and 14:00 Tokyo time. However, participation is only available through Apple devices.

If all goes well, viewers will see how the eels stick their heads out of the sand, swim and eat twice a day. Observers are also asked to refrain from sudden or loud noises that may frighten acne.

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