Skripnik on the road to Bremen: failure Surkis, the promise of Rod using Tigipko

In life Skrypnyk-player were and remain the only two dream-team: “Dnepr” and “Bremen”. For their sake, he refused more lucrative financial offers from more loud potentially achievements. Today we remember how the current coach of “Dawn” switched from Dnepropetrovsk to Bremen.

“Metallurg” (Zaporozhye)

Recognizable and respected in Ukraine footballer Viktor Skripnik became the Zaporozhye “metallurg”. In Zaporozhye it is still remembered, though, that “the Metallurgist” remained only memories. Yes, the good name that is unsuccessfully trying to revive. Current coach of “Dawn”, which was stationed in Zaporizhia, recalls with pleasure his “metal” past. But, nevertheless, the home team believes another. Dnipro is a part of my soul that will stay with me forever,” once said Skripnik. And he was not cunning.

In Novomoskovsk, where he was born Viktor Skripnik, EN masse rooting for Dnipro. Anyhow, it’s a suburb of Dnepropetrovsk and Novomoskovsk has long been a base of “Dnipro”. Father Anatoly Skripnik he played soccer, though, on the Amateur level. So the love of the game of millions Victor has passed on a genetic level.

He went to a local children’s football school, where he was considered one of the most promising. Who knows, maybe his passion would have remained a hobby, the level of factory team as his father, if in the neighboring Dnepropetrovsk happened the present football boom. Victor for life remembered as “Dnepr” for the first time won the championship of the USSR. “I’d like to play on this team,” thought the then 14-year-old boy. And fate gave him the chance. From Novomoskovsk he, through Nikopol, hit the “Dnepr”. There, he gradually, step by step, was fed to the first team. During this time, Victor managed to play in different positions – in midfield and defense. But in the end, the player with shock left secured to the left edge of the defense. And he perfectly fulfilled the standards and penalties, as later learns in their own skin and Oliver Kahn. And with “Dnepr” it was called in the youth national teams of the Union. Played along with Kiryakova, Onopko, Salenko, a Bezhenar.

In 1986, the then head coach of “Dnepr” Vladimir Yemets personally contributed to the translation of Skrypnyk in the reserves of FC Dnipro. Dream is to become a player in the first team became even closer. Especially after Victor became “dnepryane” winner of the Federal championship for doubles. There was confidence in their own abilities, but also the first self-earned money. First Skripnik at the club has been decorated to a part-time, and then translated into full – 120 rubles. “Soon I began to receive more than the father. After each game we were invited by the head of the team Gennady Gizdic. He strictly was twenty – five and pyatidesyatyletia. He gave them honestly, shining with kindness, which will not play”, later said Skripnik about his first fees.

Victor was on the way to the first team. As they say in such cases, urgently knocked on the door. But this time, the dream life has not turned out. Reaching military age, Skrypnyk went to Kiev SKA to serve his army duty. In the meantime, “Dnepr”, under the leadership Kucherevsky became the champion of the USSR…

But at the same time an old friend Skrypnyk on “Dnepr” – Gennady Gizdic, proved unnecessary his hometown team, started to build a neighbor – Zaporizhzhya “metallurg”. Among others, whom Gennady Afanasievich was called into the team was Skrypnyk. And even if the team was a different level – the First League, but was able to play and progress. Have Skrypnyk was obtained and the first and second. Yes, and “metallurg” also in 1990, the Cossacks received the right to rise in class. After playing one season in USSR Championships (last), Skrypnyk on next season, too, decided to stay in the team and try my luck already in the championship of Ukraine. As there were young quarterback? Different. However, the word to him: “with me the team went Schoch, RAM, Bashkirs, Sorokalet other guys. Played in Zaporizhia five seasons and then the team took control of the thieves. Began continuous dogovornyak. We got no money, agreed without us. It got to the point that when the base came “lads”, we the bullet into the case. And, looking out of Windows, waited to warm up in the sauna and leave. This happened usually at dusk, after which we drove to practice”…


Playing at Metalurh in such a situation, the desires of the Victor, however, like many of his teammates, it was a little. Fortunately, to cut the ends was not necessary: he received an offer from Nikolai Pavlov. Viktor Skripnik returned to his native Dnipro.

But there, in the native land, the situation compared to the late 80s, has changed beyond recognition. Financial problems, quarrels, differences with the leadership – this was the football club “Dnepr” at the dawn of the championship of Ukraine. Although the team then “Dnipro” was really beautiful. It gathered former captain of the “Golden” Dnipro Nikolay Pavlov. But he also became a harbinger of its collapse, when four players (Konovalov and Pokhlebaeva, Maximov and Bezhenar) moved to Kiev “Dynamo”. So the normal way to work with Nikolai Petrovich Skrypnyk did not happen. Instead of Pavlov’s coaching chair “Dnepr” took Bernd Stange. That is what the German specialist was destined to play a decisive role in the life of Skrypnyk.

As later recalled Victor, Rod changed the mentality of the players “Dnepr”. German taught them (or rather, those who really wanted to learn something new) professionalism. And hammered into the head that the Ukrainians can compete with foreign stars, if he knocks out a RAID of provincialism.

Training sessions Herr Post was very interesting. And it proved informative and positive. And with the results improving: under the direction of German Dnipro twice in a row, finished in third place in the championship. In the Post “Dnipro” first went on overseas fees as much in Brazil. Only here to hold the head of the “Dnepr” for a long time he failed. Next, some not very clear mutki in the club leadership Dnepropetrovsk club, and now the landing of “Dnepr” again, with the coach in the head, beaten Kyiv darling went the familiar route. Though not in the “Dynamo” and CSKA – Borisfen. Appeared in the notorious of the company and our hero (along with Kovalets, Avtushko, Polunin, Mizin, a Nagorniak, the Sharan and Palyanitsa).

But the idea to create in Kiev a real contrast to Dynamo, solid club with ambitions, was zilch. The rod with the new-old subjects in a new team with the tenacity and enthusiasm preparing for pre-season training camp in Austria for the new season as a bombshell exploded news: CSKA – Borisfen ordered to live long. It seemed that the coach and players are left with nothing. But the Rod gave the word to his players that they are without work will not remain. And he kept his word. But more on that later.

Bernd after the fiasco with the Kiev club the Ghost again called to Dnipro, but the German refused. But some of his former wards came back to Dnepropetrovsk. With specific regard to Skrypnyk, he returned to Dnipro on the condition that he would be released immediately when a serious offer comes from abroad.

The proposal itself has not kept waiting. However, not from abroad and from Dynamo Kiev. The proposal was serious and specific, but Skripnik refused. “I had a very serious conversation with the leadership of Kiev “Dynamo”. The conversation was emotional, but I made it clear that Ukraine will only be played for “Dnepr”. After all, in Zaporozhye was only because at the helm and were a part of the club. But my arguments of the President of the Kiev club, not very convinced,” so in the time outlined Skripnik details of the “negotiation process” with the “Dynamo”.

The “arguments” Skrypnyk did not convince the President of “Dynamo” Grigory Surkis, and he every time kept pressing on the “pain points”. It is difficult to say what would have ended the whole story, if not reminded the Bernd Stange. The German had some feelers out in the “Bremen” and recommended “musicians” Skrypnyk. Bremen took an interest in this idea and made contact with Dnipro. With interest and lifting took a phone call from Rod and Victor.

One of those who was personally involved in the registration of the transfer of Viktor Skripnik at Werder Bremen, was one of the leaders of the then “Dnepr” Sergey Tigipko. The talks were held fast, and in the summer of 1996 for half a million German marks Viktor Skripnik moved from Dnipro to Werder.

Werder Bremen

With the “green-whites” team Victor signed a three-year agreement. And then again three years, and then for another two years. During this time Skrypnyk was not only one of the leaders of one of the original football teams of Germany, but his veteran, penalty man, a symbol.

Two of the German Cup, one League title – that the “harvest” of Victor on the football field in the Bundesliga. And he has become his own and for partners, and for the fans. In General, in Bremen, Skripnik found her quiet but real happiness. He was diligent and on the football field and off. He became the model of professionalism, playing at such a high level when some of its partners in the youth national team of the Union is long gone to take the glass. The only thing he may regret is the injury. Injuries certainly significantly messed his impressions and memories of Werder. There were moments when he didn’t play for months. Did not play because he was in the infirmary. But still found the strength to come back. And ended beautifully, on a very high note: German champion and Cup winner.

About his subsequent career has already been coaching, and you need to talk separately. And somehow we must have a talk. Now I want to remember his words almost immediately after his football career: “the head coach will not be accurate. To expel someone from the team – is beyond me. See yourself only on the sidelines scout or learning for a soccer kids”.

The second role Skripnik outgrown. And now felt comfortable in the first.

Whether there will be.


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