SK Prometheus continues preparing for the new season in Kamenskoye

Women’s volleyball team SK “Prometheus” continues pre-season preparation. However, without foreign players arriving at the club later. The head coach of the Comenius club Andrei Romanovich said that the first gathering was scheduled from 15 July:

– In mid-August was to be held the qualifying stage of the Ukrainian team at the European championship. And so, as we have quite a lot of players are candidates for the national team (Daria Drozd, Ekaterina Dudnik Anastasia of Kribbe, Alla Polianska and Diana Malyshkina), we decided to start preparing early to girls until 15 August was in full combat readiness. Moreover, because of the pandemic, of coronavirus for a long time they were without work and practice. Of course, all the players were doing at home exercise, but this is not enough in order to be at full speed. In addition, we have a lot of new players who want to join the team. In parallel, we also prepared a training plan for individual athletes, who were not included in the national team.

Later, according to Andrei Romanovich, it became clear that qualifying was moved to January. However, the original plan of preparation of “Prometheus” did not change.

– I think that due to the transfer of the qualifying stage of the championship of Ukraine will begin somewhere in the first half of September – continues the coach. – So two months are the optimal period in order to prepare well. In parallel, we are continuing to work on staffing of the team. Also, soon we’ll join new doctor Andrei Voitsekhovich and coach for General physical training (GPT) Anton Rubtsov. And that’s when the entire coaching staff will be together, together we will develop a further training plan.

Transfers of “Prometheus” this summer demonstrate that in Kamenskoye club care about the future. So, for “red-white” have joined former volleyball player “Orbit-ZNU-STUSS” Anna Harchenska. Andrei Romanovich believes that these young talents are the future of Ukrainian volleyball.

– It is now considered to be a good player two seasons he played in the super League. I hope that it will help us in the new season. In General, we try to balance between today and tomorrow, between youth and experience. For example, Alla and Anastasia Politansky of Kribbe are some of the best players of our team. I have worked with them in “the Chemist”, and Nastya is still in the youth national team. President SK “Prometheus” Vladimir Dubinsky wants the best Ukrainian athletes were pleased with their game is the Ukrainian public and for that he makes everything possible. If we talk about the Bulgarian legionare Laura Citypool, its name in the world of volleyball is not in any doubt. She Policansky are now at the peak of his playing career. Both experienced and strong binders, and so competition between them also have to give your results both in training and in official matches. Besides, athletes of different style games and it should work in our favor in games against opponents that require a flexible, tactical approach. We also searched dogrusoz, which could strengthen our team. The videos from the various agents we liked the game Kubinka with Dayami Sanchez, we recently invited. In addition, she played in South Korea, where a very particular selection of players, consisting of two stages of draft. And the fact that she passed, said about the class volleyball team. So if you are counting on a positive result, then you should be equivalent to the replacement in each line.

Changes have occurred not only in the group of players the customer team and in the coaching staff, which was supplemented by qualified personnel.

– Denis Huy we were not personally acquainted, – said Andrey Romanovich. – Of course, I knew and saw of his game, the bole that the Ukrainian volleyball he is a legendary figure, the Libero of the national team of Ukraine, who played at a high level. For a long time Denis Viktorovich is engaged in coaching activities. We gathered about it a lot of reviews, and I can say that they are only positive and as a person and as a specialist. Anton Rubtsov, also a former player of a good level, the master of sports of international class. Of course, the team is only a plus. After all, in the training process coaches always used to full. For example, athletic coach, if necessary, can run with the ball or in sparring, be in the team against the basis for her creation of a certain competition.

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