Singer Akon launches the construction of its own cryptoguard in Senegal

13 Jan 2020 year pop singer was senegalo-American Akon (Akon) announced that it will soon begin the construction in Senegal of their city with an area of 2000 acres. The city will be built near the capital of the state of Dakar in the area, donated Akono President Maki Sully.

The most intriguing part of the project is that the city Akon city will use its own cryptocurrency AKoin. The aim of the organizers is to check whether it is possible to implement a digital cryptocurrency in the life of modern Africa.

Eikon city will be built according to the principles of sustainable development. When its construction is complete (presumably 10 years), it will be the first certified under LEED standards city of Africa. Because he thinks, as a tourist attraction, a co-organizer of the project together with Eltonom is the state tourist Agency SAPCO Senegal.

The name of the designer who will develop the project eikon city, yet to be named. But the existing designs already suggests how it will look in the future city. At its centre will be two connected towers, reminiscent of the recent work of the Studio of Zaha Hadid in Beijing. In addition to the towers, this place will be located man-made lake and terrace walks. Exact details about the structure of the city is very small, but we already know that it will be both residential and commercial areas.

Eikon city will be located just a five minute drive from the new international airport of Senegal, opened in 2017. The project is divided into several stages, scan the second phase will begin in 2025-M.

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