Scandal: Drake insulted Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid in his song

The mention of star names in the songs of the most famous rappers — not a rare phenomenon. Sometimes, however, they would prefer that those whom they sang, these tracks are never heard. For example, Drake, around which the other day broke the real scandal. Blame — archive neoborocillina song rapper, a fragment of which […]

Alla kostromicheva tell you how much it earns in modeling

Recently, Ukrainian top model and host of the popular show “Top model in Ukrainian,” Alla kostromicheva became the guest of the show Glory on the YouTube channel Lux FM. In an interview with the star openly talked about romantic meeting with her husband, and also about how many earns in the modeling. So, during a […]

Not available anymore: Nikita Dobrynin and Dasha got married Kvitkova

The event, which was awaited by all fans of the popular TV show “the Bachelor,” has happened! Today Nikita Dobrynin and his lover, the winner of the Dasha Kvitkova got married. The couple decided not to advertise the event and bet on romantic painting in a very narrow circle of the closest The network has […]

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: top 10 moments

Exactly two years ago, on the 19th may, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially became husband and wife. The most anticipated wedding of 2018 has already passed into history, however, we believe that the world has long tired to remember and revisit the best moments! Celebrity guests While Harry and Megan even made the final […]

“We parted ways”: Brian Austin green confirmed the breakup with Megan Fox

While fans have been waiting for from Brian Austin green and Megan Fox, refuting rumours about their breakup, the actor officially confirmed the sad news. “Now our paths diverged. Everything is back in place, and may never come back. I don’t want to make any predictions on this score because I have no idea what […]

Media: Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara for the first time become parents

The week starts with great news: as reported by the Western media, the 45-year-old Joaquin Phoenix and 35-year-old Rooney Mara will soon become parents for the first time. According to Page Six, the actress is now in her sixth month of pregnancy. According to sources, to maintain a state secret to the actress helped prolonged […]