On the personal front: Emilia Clarke is Dating the famous Hollywood heartthrob

News from the love front: the actress Emilia Clarke’s new novel! Today it became known that the star of “Game of thrones” secretly meets with Tom Turner, assistant Director and famous Hollywood heartthrob. On the days the couple first got into the lens paparazzi during joint trips with Pets (photo). The novel, Emilia Clarke and […]

Kanye West admitted that Kim Kardashian wanted to have an abortion

Earlier this month it became known that Kanye will fight for the post of President of the United States, and on the day he officially started his campaign and held a meeting with voters in Charleston (South Carolina). During his emotional speech, Kanye told a lot of personal. In particular the fact that his father […]

Tender embrace: Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber Dating?

It is suspected that the 27-year-old Cara Delevingne was briefly left alone after breaking up with actress Ashley Benson. Recently she was spotted in the company of the daughters of Cindy Crawford, 18-year-old Kaia Gerber, which, judging by the behavior, the punishment associated tender feelings. The girls were spotted in Los Angeles while participating in […]

Call Parker-Bowles — 73: Yak Duchess Prival Queen Lisaveta, Kate Meddleton that Prince Charles

Today the team of Prince Charles Camilla Parker-Bowles wasnich his 73-richchya. Already traditio Tepl privman on the address herzogin Chornoliska in their oftiny Instagram-the account has silisili Queen Lisaveta, Kate Meddleton the Prince Wlliam, and also Prince Charles. “Bajan nimaling Day narodzhennya herzogin Karnolsky! , korolivski isocost today viponds 73,” wrote the Queen from splink […]

Ideal proportions: named the most beautiful women from the Royal families

British plastic surgeon Julian De Silva has been practiced computer analysis of persons, defining the attractive appearance on the basis of the “Golden section”. Previously, he has called the most beautiful celebrities, and recently presented a ranking devoted to Royal personages. Using the method of computer cartography, the most beautiful woman in the Royal family […]

Evan Spiegel told about how to treat ex-husband Miranda Kerr Orlando bloom

Some couples even after parting manages to maintain a surprisingly cordial relationship. Among them, in particular Miranda Kerr and Orlando bloom. After the divorce, the stars continue to communicate and spend time with his son Flynn. The current spouse model Evan Spiegel, with whom they have two sons, sincerely admires this approach, and fully supports […]

Dem Moore launched erotyczny podcast Dirty Diana

Pid hour quarantine Dem Moore is not sumual, and actively pratsyuvala on wlasnym project sestieri eroticisim podcast Dirty Diana. I vchora, on July 13, aktorka finally prezentovala Perche issue. At the center of the story — Inka Diana, MDM namagala vrahuvati svy club, a parallel story erotyczny site on yakomu women Rosbalt vidverto Pro svoï […]

In only one hat: a 50-year-old Naomi Campbell have posed naked in a new video

Yesterday we showed you the magnetic the new mascara #DarkStarMascara from Pat McGrath, starring Irina Shayk and 18-year-old son Elizabeth Hurley Damian. No less fascinating happened and the video with Naomi Campbell in the title role. View this post in Instagram Publication from Naomi Campbell (@naomi) 13 Jul 2020 at 9:28 PDT In this 50-year-old […]