In tears: Kim Kardashian first met Kanye West after his controversial speech

Recently, relations in the family, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West very difficult. After the announcement of the participation in the presidential race, the rapper made a lot of loud statements about the fact that Kim allegedly wanted to have an abortion, and also about their desire to divorce. What happens between Kim and Kanye, are […]

Replenishment: the star of “Game of thrones” Sophie Turner first became a mother

A real baby boom! Behind Cameron Diaz, Ashley Graham, and other celebrities actress “Game of thrones” Sophie Turner first became a mother. The news about the birth of baby Sophie and her lover Joe Jonas was immediately spread by the media, although the couple carefully guarded their personal lives, and many for the first stages […]

Jennifer Lopez admitted who came up with her legendary nickname J. Lo

Today’s birthday girl Jennifer Lopez in honor of their 51 anniversary decided to reveal all the cards. The star admitted who came up with her the famous nickname JLo more than 20 years ago. Previously, all thought it a nickname — the “invention” fans of Jay, but today the singer revealed the name of the […]

Huge diamond and a photo shoot on the beach: demi Lovato is getting married

Today the world has another happy bride more. Singer demi Lovato is getting married to her beloved max Erich. About this star told a touching post on Instagram. Demi gently fell in love with the groom and also boasted an impressive stone on the ring, posting stills from a romantic photo shoot on the beach. […]

Minus one eligible bachelor: Robert Pattinson getting married

Today, the media leaked the hot news: it seems that very soon Hollywood will be even one less eligible bachelor. Paparazzi caught beloved actor Robert Pattinson Sookie Waterhouse with a wedding ring on your finger! The news immediately spread via the media, but the lovers themselves have not confirmed this information. View this post in […]

News: Nicki Minaj will be the first time mom

Think in 2020 we expect a real baby boom! Today about her pregnancy announced another star — singer Nicki Minaj. Good news Nicky has shared on Instagram, accompanied by the news is a bright photo shoot. According to the staff, 37-year-old star kept the pregnancy a secret for some time now, and for the first […]

A hint of romance: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky together advertise cosmetics

         At the beginning of the month it became known that Rihanna plans to expand his beauty Empire and to launch a new brand’s skin care Skin Fenty. Long wait for confirmations, we don’t have, because the star has already presented stills from new advertising campaign. The launch of cosmetics is accompanied […]