Sexy quarantine: Rihanna showed what they do in isolation, in a new hot photoshoot

Careful, it’s hot! The beauty of the Republic of Ingushetia participated in the new hot photo shoot for the gloss, the theme of which was… the quarantine. So, on stylish frames, singer and businesswoman in a very revealing images of doing house chores — screwing burned-out light bulb, looking for something to eat in the […]

Mi-mi-mi of the day: Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid showed a new family member

Singer Dua Lipa and her boyfriend Anwar Hadid Dating more than a year and, apparently, is ripe for a major new steps. Following the example of Kaia Gerber, the pair in the same orphanage took a cute black puppy. Of course, they immediately arranged for him Instagram-photo-shoot. Your new family member a couple called Dexter […]

International scandal: Elon Musk said that the pyramids were built by aliens

Almost every statement by the billionaire entrepreneur Elon musk on Twitter calls active discussions and disputes in the network. And one of his recent tweets and is almost provoked an international scandal. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla wrote that “the pyramids were definitely built by aliens”. Aliens built the pyramids obv — Elon Musk […]

Novyi Etap: 59-rcni Sean Penn tamno Dragisa s 28-rcnew actorly

Quarantine musiv us pereosmyslenie great number of speeches. Of in particular, some zirki nawt members britansko korolivska applied versile not chekati completion Yogo, abi wastewate Rosso weslo ceremony, obmenyalis obtirani we are small Col bliskich the friends. Days before Radu CIR romanticni pairs priznalsya 59-rcni Sean Penn TA Yogo 28-RCNA Kohana, aktorka Leila George. About […]

Special island: where now rest Kate Middleton and Prince William with kids

Despite the fact that quarantine in the UK is still not complete, removal of restrictions allows the British to go back to travel in chastnoti, in my own country. For a change of scenery and a break from the months spent in isolation, and Kate Middleton and Prince William. Together with the children of the […]

“I will not disappoint you”: Rihanna told me when will her new album

          It seems that some fans of Rihanna do not believe that the singer will ever release new songs. After all, the star is actively engaged in its own brand of clothing and cosmetics, and also announced the launch of funds on skin care. But in a new interview with Entertainment […]