News: the star of “Harry Potter” for the first time will be a dad

In difficult times pandemic coronavirus to hear good news doubly enjoyable. One of these recently Rupert Grint, who you know for the role of Ron Weasley in the “Harry Potter” actor and his girlfriend Georgia Groome, with which they have been together for 9 years, first become parents. The sex of the baby until the […]

Big plans: Alla kostromicheva told about the new addition to the family

The leading reality of the New channel Top model “in Ukrainian,” Alla Kostromicheva — not only world-famous model, but a happy mom. Along with her husband Jason Capone she is raising four sons Salvatore and… dreams of adding to the family. To have a second child Alla planned next year, but its plans were prevented […]

Melania trump contrary husband called in the video all wear masks

View this post in Instagram Publication of First Lady Melania Trump (@flotus) APR 9, 2020 at 8:52 PDT The wife of the President of the United States Melania trump recorded a video message urging people to wear a mask and follow precautions. To shoot video it responsibly prepared and in addition to a perfect manicure […]

Slander and falsification: amber heard faces three years in prison

Amber heard and johnny Depp continue their proceedings in court. Now the lawyers of the actor is primarily focused on finding evidence that photo of the actress with bruises from her ex-husband is just a falsification. If they did manage to prove that the star deliberately perjured themselves and falsified evidence, she faces a prison […]

“I’ve never been so scared”: Pink talked about his heavy combat coronavirus

Pink recently admitted that she had coronavirus along with his 3-year-old son Jameson. And recently the singer spoke about his struggle with the disease online-the Ellen DeGeneres. The star admitted that she Covid-19 was leaking heavily due to chronic diseases like asthma. “It was just awful. I couldn’t live without my inhaler, I’ve never been […]

5 homemade face masks that actually work

Almost a month’s confinement at home makes itself felt: to experiment with cooking, handmade and homemade beauty recipes started even those who were completely indifferent to them (among these people and part of the edition of Cosmo). Don’t know about you, but we have tried to prepare a new fluffy coffee, went through the closet […]

Gardening, pies and mess: how is the quarantine Kate Middleton

At the time of the quarantine, Kate Middleton and Prince William were isolated in a country house. Like other members of the Royal family, the pair is trying less to communicate with people and protect yourself and children. However, this does not mean that they have nothing to do. As reported by US Weekly, Kate […]